1 Billion iPhone Apps: eWEEK's 10 Favorite iPhone Downloads

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1 Billion iPhone Apps: eWEEK's 10 Favorite iPhone Downloads

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Name:</b> OmniFocus<br/><b>Cost:

$19.99One of the biggest-selling productivity-oriented Apps during the App Store's initial rollout (as opposed to, say, Super Monkey Ball, which does not qualify as "productive" of anything aside from improving your thumb speed), OmniFocus allows its users to keep track of tasks by project, place, person or date. The latest version is available in eight languages, including Chinese and Dutch.

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Name:</b> Bump<br/><b>Cost:

FreeBump achieved notoriety as being the App downloaded by 13-year-old Connor Mulcahey of Weston, Conn., to win Apple's billion-App countdown contest. Mulcahey received a MacBook Pro, a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod Touch and a Time Capsule. Bump lets iPhone users physically bump their devices together to exchange information, in less than 10 seconds via the iPhone's Internet connection.

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Name:</b> Facebook<br/><b>Cost:

FreeApple says this is the most-downloaded free social networking App on offer: a Facebook application that lets the user keep up-to-date with his or her account on the social networking site, including the ability to upload photos while mobile.

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Name:</b> Google Earth<br/><b>Cost:

FreeThe iPhone version of the popular Google App features functionality such as tilting the iPhone to see mountain terrain, the ability to search for cities and other features with Google Local Search, a variety of languages, and access to geolocated Wikipedia articles.

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Name:</b> Koi Pond<br/><b>Cost:

$0.99Think of it as an anti-stress App—Koi Pond, one of the most popular paid Apps according to Apple, portrays colorful koi fish swimming in a crystal-clear body of water, into which the user can gaze and even, with the touch-screen, attempt to poke.

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Name:</b> Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D<br/><b>Cost:

$5.99Another of the most popular paid Apps available through the App Store, and one that makes a frequent appearance in the blogosphere, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D allows users to race around 12 "3D" tracks while battling opponents with a variety of cartoon weapons.

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Name:</b> Google Mobile<br/><b>Cost:

FreeAn ubiquitous App within the iPhone ecosystem, Google Mobile has deepened its functionality with new versions that incorporate voice search for the Web, the ability to Search with My Location, and access to Gmail, Reader and other applications.

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Name:</b> Kindle for iPhone<br/><b>Cost:

FreeSoon after the debut of the Kindle 2, Amazon.com's much-publicized e-reader device, Kindle for iPhone also rolled out. With the App in place, users can download and read Kindle books, adjust text size, and add bookmarks.

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Name:</b> eBay Mobile<br/><b>Cost:

FreeThis App allows users on the road to make a last-minute bid for that still-in-the-box "Star Wars" action figure they always wanted; it also allows sellers to monitor their commerce online. Languages available include English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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Name:</b> Pandora Radio<br/><b>Cost:

FreeOne of the first music-streaming Apps, and consistently the most popular, Pandora is the iPhone version of the popular music-streaming Website. Users can log in to listen to their customized stations.