10 Android Business Apps to Help Users Stay Productive, Secure

1 - 10 Android Business Apps to Help Users Stay Productive, Secure
2 - Microsoft OfficeSuite Pro 7
3 - Locale: Location-Sensitive Mobile Device Settings
4 - HotSchedules
5 - Business Calendar
6 - CamScanner
7 - mSecure Password Manager
8 - Astro File Manager Pro
9 - AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro
10 - EasyTether Pro
11 - FolderSync
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10 Android Business Apps to Help Users Stay Productive, Secure

by Don Reisinger

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Microsoft OfficeSuite Pro 7

Android users looking to have some integration with Microsoft’s software solutions should consider downloading the somewhat expensive $14.99 OfficeSuite Pro 7. The application allows users to view, create, edit, and print and share Office documents. The application even includes a file browser and has full integration with cloud platforms to share files with others. Not bad.

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Locale: Location-Sensitive Mobile Device Settings

Locale is one of the neatest applications any corporate user will come across. The application, which sets customers back $9.99, uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect where a person is, and change settings based on that. So, if a person arrives at work, their Android device puts the ringer on silence and immediately switches to corporate WiFi settings. Users will need to teach the app how to work, but it’s extremely useful.

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HotSchedules is probably the best way to keep a person’s itinerary in one place. The application costs just $2.99, and allows users to set up different dates, manage work schedules and keep track of other employees. It’s a full-featured app that deserves to be on any corporate-focused Android handset.

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Business Calendar

As one might expect, given its name, Business Calendar is a calendaring application for businesses. The obvious aside, the $4.99 application does quite a bit, including allowing users to search for events, providing color-coded tasks based on topic and creating different templates. The app also lets users import and export items to other popular calendaring programs.

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At $4.99, CamScanner is a bargain. The application allows users to take snapshots of documents from their smartphones or tablets, and then save them as PDFs. The PDFs can then be shared with any number of cloud-based storage services. CamScanner is easily one of the best mobile-scanning applications out there.

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mSecure Password Manager

mSecure Password Manager’s price is a little steep at $9.99, but it’s a great way to keep users secure. The application stores all of a person’s passwords in one place, and can automatically keep hackers out in the event the device is stolen or lost. It’s a great application that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Astro File Manager Pro

The lack of file managers in mobile platforms has been a headache for enterprise customers for years. However, with the $3.99 File Manager Pro, users can quickly sort files, create folders, and make it much easier to find the many documents and photos they might have on their devices. It’s a useful application for data-heavy users.

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AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro

One of the issues with Android is that it comes with some security flaws that an increasing number of hackers are exploiting. With AVG’s Mobile AntiVirus Security Pro, users can feel a bit more secure. The application includes everything from malware protection to the ability to scan for online exploits. And at a special summer rate of $10.49, it’s cheaper than ever.

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EasyTether Pro

There are times when a corporate user is at a client’s office and cannot connect to the Web from his or her computer. In that case, the $9.99 application, EasyTether Pro, comes in handy. The application automatically connects to a user’s computer and shares the phone or tablet’s wireless connection with the PC. It’s a simple app, but it comes in handy.

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FolderSync is a fantastic application to have on hand for companies that are heavily invested in cloud-based storage solutions. FolderSync automatically connects to services like Box and SugarSync, and syncs files between them and the devices. FolderSync, which costs $2.95, works with just about any file type.

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