10 Android Location-Based Apps to Help You Find Your Way Around

1 - 10 Android Location-Based Apps  to Help You Find Your Way Around
2 - Back Country Navigator
3 - GPS Status and Toolbox
4 - Gasbuddy
5 - Yelp
6 - Waze Social GPS
7 - Google StreetView
8 - Zagat
9 - iExit
10 - Taximeter
11 - YP Local
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10 Android Location-Based Apps to Help You Find Your Way Around

by Don Reisinger

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Back Country Navigator

Not everyone is looking to get around town on streets and thoroughfares. That's where Back Country Navigator comes in. The application provides topographical maps that help users find their way, no matter where they are. The app is a nice option for those who enjoy hiking and exploring the wilderness. It costs $9.99.

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GPS Status and Toolbox

GPS Status and Toolbox is a free app that features everything from a compass to information on speed, altitude, satellite strength on GPS dishes. Perhaps most importantly, the app resets and downloads A-GPS data to keep a GPS device running at its peak. For folks who use GPS devices that get bogged down with maps and data, this is for them.

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GasBuddy is one of the more popular free applications in the Google Play store. The app determines a person's location and finds all of the gas stations in their area. Even better, it shows the cheapest prices, ensuring they'll get the best deal on gas. GasBuddy can actually help users save some cash.

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Yelp is a free app that delivers some of the most reliable local reviews in this roundup. The service seeks the collective wisdom of people in a given area, providing reviews on everything from hotels to restaurants. The free app is a handy tool to have on the ready when it comes time to have dinner or check out a new establishment in town.

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Waze Social GPS

Waze, another free app, provides the basic GPS functionality users would expect, including routing and turn-by-turn directions. The app's main appeal, though, is that it features built-in social technology that delivers real-time traffic data in a given area. To deliver that, Waze users share information with others, thus helping their fellow appmates determine the best (and worst) area to be driving in at any given time.

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Google StreetView

Google's StreetView is a must-have for anyone who needs to a find a place they've not yet been. With StreetView's help, users can find an address and then see exactly what the location they're visiting looks like. It's an extremely useful tool that shouldn't be overlooked—especially since it's free.

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Since Google now owns Zagat, the company's digital services have gone free. So, at no charge, Android users can download the Zagat app and find reviews for restaurants from the Zagat team. Zagat is a big name in restaurant reviews, so it's no wonder the company's Android app is so popular.

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Those who are traveling around town and wonder where they can find any number of things can turn to iExit. The application, which costs 99 cents, tells the user based on his or her location what can be found at a given exit. Everything—from rest areas to Walmart stores—is included in the app. iExit even includes address information and a calling feature to directly contact a destination.

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Taximeter was designed initially as a tool for cab drivers to keep track of their fees. Folks who live in big cities and want to ensure they're not getting ripped off, however, can perhaps even more effectively use the tool. The app looks like a standard cab meter and can be preset based on the city. The app has a GPS feature to aid in tracking. All in all, it's a nice app to have handy. And at $4.99, it's relatively affordable.

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YP Local

YP Local, another free application, provides listings on businesses around a given area. The app includes a listing of the cheapest gas stations, reviews and information on restaurants, and where to find car dealerships. YP Local is a full-featured app, and since it's free, it's a nice option for many local travelers.

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