10 Apple iPhone Apps Optimized for iOS 4

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10 Apple iPhone Apps Optimized for iOS 4

by Don Reisinger

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Version 1.1 of its iBooks software is ready for iOS 4 users, according to Apple. The software works similarly to the application on the iPad. Users can buy books, flip through pages using the device's touch screen, and much more. As Apple has noted several times since the announcement of iBooks for the iPhone, the application will only work on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The reason why is quite simple: It requires iOS 4 to run. It's available for free in Apple's App Store.

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Evernote is arguably one of the most useful applications in Apple's App Store. The program, which can be synced with online versions of the software, allows users to take text and voice notes from within the app. It then synchronizes those notes across all the other places where the user keeps a copy of Evernote running. The latest version of Evernote for the iPhone ensures that the software runs well on iOS 4. Evernote is a fine app for those who want to remember important items. Plus, it's free.

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LinkedIn didn't change much in its application to support iOS 4, but the app still works quite well on Apple's new smartphone software. Those who download the app are able to view and send messages to other LinkedIn users. They can also check on colleagues' updates. The app, which can be downloaded for free, even helps users view their connections and invite others to connect with them. Since it's optimized to run on iOS 4, it's a worthwhile download for any

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Trip Journal

Trip Journal, which costs $0.99, could be one of the neatest iOS 4-capable applications in the App Store. The program allows users to track, record and document their vacations or trips around the world. It uses the iPhone's GPS to route the person's trip, and based on that information, users can add waypoints to show where they went and what they did. They can also geotag photos and videos taken with their iPhones. Not only does it help folks remember their vacations, but it could also come in handy for companies that want to know where their employees went and what they did on a business trip.

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FileApp Pro

FileApp Pro is quite expensive at $4.99. That said, it's quite powerful. The program is designed to manage files kept on the iPhone to make them easier to locate. Users can access the documents from within the app, and decide to view them, copy them, rename them or e-mail them to others. The main focus of the app is for users to organize and manage their Office documents, but it also includes support for multimedia content and PDFs.

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Pandora Radio

A roundup of iOS 4-capable devices wouldn't be complete without Pandora. Arguably the most important music-streaming app available for the iPhone, Pandora Radio is now capable of running in iOS 4. Although the company left the application's design the same, it added a key feature that should make just about anyone who currently runs Pandora Radio excited: backgrounding. Finally, thanks to the iOS 4's multitasking capabilities, users will be able to surf the Web, check e-mail or use another application while Pandora is running in the background. It's available now for free in Apple's App Store.

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Twittelator Free

Although Twitter now has its own official iPhone client, it's Twittelator Free that might provide the best experience for iOS 4 users. The app, which requires iOS 4 to work, includes support for fast-switching. According to the company's developer, it has also increased its speed by "10 times." Twittelator Free allows users to update their Twitter profiles, record and tweet video, geotag tweets, and much more. It's a full-featured application designed specifically for iOS 4 users. Even better, it's free.

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Although TripIt did little to update its app beyond making it iOS 4-compatible, the program is still worth using for those professionals who want to have their travel itineraries set out for them. The app, which is free, allows users to track their entire trips and share the information they put into the app with others. Overall, TripIt is a relatively simple program, but it's extremely useful for road warriors who want to keep their itinerary straight.

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WordPress for iPhone

WordPress for iPhone is actually a nice upgrade for iOS 4 users. The app adds a new blog feature that allows users to access all their blogs in one step. But its most important addition is support for fast-app switching. WordPress maker Automattic has also optimized the app, so it will work with the new iPhone 4's Retina Display. That alone should give iPhone 4 customers more reason to use it. It's a nice, free upgrade.

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Dropbox is one of the most useful applications available in the App Store. The app allows users to take files from their iPhones and upload those to the Web, where they can sync and share those files with others. It works with photos, documents, and other items that are saved on a user's iPhone. The biggest problem with Dropbox was that, in past versions, it would only work when users had the app open. But thanks to the new operating system's multitasking capabilities, Dropbox will now upload content to the Web while users work in another application. Nice.

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