10 Google Buzz for Mobile Tips You Should Learn

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10 Google Buzz for Mobile Tips You Should Learn

by Clint Boulton

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Auto-finish Reply

To include someone in a Buzz post or comment from your mobile phone, type "@user" which will be automatically expanded to "@user@gmail.com" for you. This will save you time typing on the phone.

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Buzz by Voice

Select the voice search icon from the Google Mobile App for iPhone or Quick Search Box on Android. Say, "Post buzz," followed by the text you'd like to post via your phone. Your words will appear!

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Search Buzz

To search public buzz, open the menu or select the magnifying glass icon to see the search bar and enter your query. You can also search for nearby posts by checking the "Search nearby" box before submitting your search (it's already checked if you're in the Nearby tab).

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Filter the Nearby Tab

Filter Buzz to see only see posts from a specific place from the Nearby tab. Open the menu showing nearby places and select a specific place from the list. You should see all the public buzz anyone's ever posted from that place or you can quickly create a post that is tagged with the place.

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Tagged Places

You may see a location tag and the little red pin attached to someone's post. To learn more about the place, click "Show map" to see the address of that place and a small map, which you can tap to see a bigger, fully functional map.

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How to Post with Your Location

To tag a post with your location, tap the location box on the posting screen to add a place name or an address. Or, you can search for a place. Click ">" in the location box and scroll down a bit to find the search box. This will allow you to search for places nearby and tag your post with that location.

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Tag from Your Location

Show your city-level location, so your post has a general city location tagged and will be searchable in the Nearby view and Maps Buzz layer. To do this when posting buzz, select the ">" in the location box, scroll down and select the city-level location option.

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This Place Needs Refreshments!

When you visit the Nearby tab or want to tag your post with a location, Buzz will try to get your location using your phone's GPS. If you're not happy with the location accuracy, hit the refresh icon to tell the app to get your location again. You can troubleshoot here.

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Share Buzz Privately or Publicly

To create a new group to share privately, visit Buzz in Gmail or google.com/contacts from your computer. Your location is attached to your post by default, either as an address or a place. Tap the "Remove location" link if you prefer more privacy. Next time you post, Google will respect your private or public setting for the sharing and location tagging options.

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See Mobile Profiles

To start following fellow Buzz users, tap on a person's name to visit his or her mobile profile page, click the Buzz tab and tap "Follow."

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