10 Google Nexus One Features You Need to Know

News Analysis: All the advance news, rumors and blogs gave some people hope that Google's Nexus One smartphone would break enough new technological ground to seriously challenge the iPhone. But now that the Nexus One has been introduced, it appears the mobile device is less than revolutionary. While it has several features sure to appeal to many consumers, it also falls short in certain areas. Here is a look at the high and low points of Google's Nexus One.

Prior to the unveiling of the Google Nexus One phone, hopes were high. Some believed the device would be available solely as an unlocked, yet affordable, smartphone. Others said it would feature multitouch gestures that could rival the Apple iPhone. Still others thought that Google's product would be an iPhone killer. Oh, how wrong they were.

Google's Nexus One is undoubtedly a good-looking device. But once one looks beyond the design and starts digging into its features, one might find that in some cases it's offering something new and in other cases it's woefully behind. And perhaps that's the lesson that can be learned from the Nexus One. To some, it might be exactly what they're looking for. To others, it might be just another reason to buy an iPhone. Simply put, Google's Nexus One is a standard case of trade-offs.

Let's find go over some pros and cons of the Nexus One.

1. It's available unlocked

Google's Nexus One phone isn't being offered only in an unlocked state, but there is an unlocked version available to those who want to bring the device to AT&T or any other GSM carrier. It's a nice option that should go a long way in appealing to customers who don't want to switch to another carrier just to get the latest mobile phone. Think of it as a shot over Apple's bow.

2. T-Mobile and Verizon are on board

There is a locked version of the Nexus One. For now, T-Mobile customers or those who are willing to switch to the service can get a Nexus One from that carrier at a steeply discounted price of $179. Google said Verizon Wireless and Vodafone are also on board to offer a discounted, locked version of the Nexus One, but that won't be happening until later in 2010.

3. It doesn't have multitouch

Those hoping to find a device that can compete on the same level as the iPhone may be a little disappointed by the Nexus One. Unlike Apple's smartphone, the Nexus One lacks multitouch. In other words, users won't be able to perform gestures like "pinch" to interact with on-screen applications. That is a glaring omission.

4. It has updated Android software

The Nexus One is running Android software that users won't find in other devices running that OS. That means it features some extras, like home screen customization and home screen panels that allow users to add shortcuts to the display. It also has a new feature called Live Wallpapers, which helps users customize the background image on their phones.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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