10 iPhone 5 Improvements Apple Must Deliver

News Analysis: Apple's iPhone 4S is a fine smartphone, but there are some things it's lacking that should be built into the iPhone 5 to keep up with improvements in competing devices and to retain the interest of iPhone customers.

Apple's iPhone 4S has so far proved to be a winner among consumers and enterprise users alike. The device comes with the 3.5-inch Retina Display made popular in the iPhone 4, as well as an 8-megapixel camera, a dual-core processor and support for Siri, a voice activated virtual personal assistant that only further improves Apple's chances of differentiating its latest smartphone.

That said, as with other Apple products, many folks are looking beyond the iPhone 4S to determine what the company might have planned for its follow-up, the iPhone 5. That device, which Apple has yet to even confirm exists, will likely deliver several improvements that will quite likely make the iPhone 4S look obsolete in comparison.

But just because it will have all new features doesn't mean that the iPhone 5 will be a guaranteed success. For the iPhone 5 to continue Apple's smartphone record of strong sales, the device must come with the features consumers and enterprise users are after.

Read on to find out what improvements the iPhone 5 needs to be a more worthwhile option for customers.

1. First and foremost: 4G

Apple is obviously feeling pressure from its 4G-equipped competitors. With the iPhone 4S, the company said users will be able to connect to the Web via 4G-like speeds over 3G networks. However, that's only available to AT&T customers. All others will be able to access the Web only at 3G speeds. In the iPhone 5, Apple must put all those issues to rest and bring 4G to the device. It's the smart move.

2. A bigger display

When Apple showed off the iPhone 4S earlier this year, it displayed a device featuring the same 3.5-inch screen found in previous versions of the smartphone. It was a disappointment, considering many Android-based handsets come with 4.3-inch displays. If Apple wants to stay competitive, it must bring a 4.3-inch screen to the iPhone 5.

3. An improved Siri

Siri is a fine addition to the iPhone ecosystem, but it falls short at times. When reciting an email, it sometimes misunderstands the user and includes wrong words. And when trying to find information about more sophisticated topics, it starts to break down. Siri is a fine first step in voice command from Apple, but many improvements must be made in the iPhone 5 to make it a must-have for smartphone buyers.

4. A revamped design

Prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S, there was hope that the device would come with a new design. But it features the same design as its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Apple can't make that same mistake with the iPhone 5. If it wants to continue the unbroken string of successful iPhone introductions, an improved design is a necessity.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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