10 iPhone Apps That Make Enterprise Life Easier

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10 iPhone Apps That Make Enterprise Life Easier

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Name:</b> Citrix Receiver for iPhone<br /><b>Cost:

N/AThis application, still in development—according to a Citrix Systems Web site, it should be available in the first half of 2009—will allow users to connect to their enterprise applications using an iPhone-based Citrix XenApp platform. Citrix predicts that the iPhone-centric feature list will "start at a base capability and grow over time with regular updates."

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Name:</b> GPS Tracker<br /><b>Cost:

FreeA real-time GPS tracking service from InstaMapper could come in handy the next time you accidentally take a left instead of a right while heading to that conference. The application allows you to track your phone's position on Google Maps, embed a map with your current location on a Web page or blog, and export position data in CSV and KML formats.

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Name:</b> SiteCatalyst for iPhone<br /><b>Cost:

FreeThis application, created by Omniture, grants existing Omniture SiteCatalyst customers access to SiteCatalyst reports and metrics useful for conducting successful online marketing campaigns. Once you log in to SiteCatalyst, you can also use SiteCatalyst bookmarks and dashboards.

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Name:</b> Oracle Business Indicators<br /><b>Cost:

FreeWant to see a list of your top 10 customers, by profit, while on the road? This Oracle application allows users to view analytics from across the scope of their business, whether in the financial, human resources, supply chain or customer management areas. Users can also browse and search through business performance metrics. The free application requires licensing of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus or Oracle Business Intelligence Applications or both.

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Name:</b> Search2GO Lite for Salesforce CRM<br /><b>Cost:

FreeUsers can search leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities in Salesforce CRM and view record details by using this iPhone App. The application does not require a Salesforce mobile license, is accessible to individual Salesforce CRM users and works on all Salesforce versions with the exception of Group and Personal. However, this version does not include custom fields or objects, and is a read-only search tool.

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Name:</b> OpenScape UC Application for iPhone 3.1<br /><b>Cost:

FreeA product of Siemens Enterprise Communications, this application provides mobile access to an OpenScape Unified Communications server, allowing the user to call contacts directly through a corporate network, view incoming calls in a call journal, enable colleagues to reach the user on a single number and more.

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Name:</b> FTP On The Go<br /><b>Cost:

$9.99This FTP client for the iPhone and iPod Touch, created by Headlight Software, lets IT administrators make adjustments to a Web site and view files on the FTP server even while on the road. The application also features a built-in text editor, and users can download photos for later viewing and editing. Images can be uploaded to the server from the iPhones photo library.

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Name:</b> Zenbe Lists<br /><b>Cost:

$2.99Created by Zenbe, this application lets you create and edit all manner of lists and then send them to another iPhone or an e-mail address. The people with whom you share your lists can publicly update them. The lists can also be shared on iGoogle.

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Name:</b> Air Sharing<br /><b>Cost:

$4.99This application from Avatron Software performs a simple but perhaps vital function: After mounting your iPhone or iPod Touch on your computer as a wireless drive, you can then drag and drop to transfer files between the mobile device and your computer—and then view your documents in everything from plain text to HTML to PDF and Microsoft Office.

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Possible Future App</b><br /><b>Name:</b> Gmail for iPhone<br /><b>Cost:

N/ARight now, the only Google-based Apps available for download from the App Store are Google Earth, which allows you to view the same aerial and satellite imagery available in the program's desktop version, and Google Mobile App, of which the most interesting feature is perhaps the one that allows you to speak your search queries instead of inputting them. But wouldn't it be useful for an enterprise to have a Gmail App that simplified the process of receiving and sending e-mails? Here, eWEEK presents a version of what such an App might look like.