10 iPhone Apps to Get Your Super Bowl XLIV Game On

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10 iPhone Apps to Get Your Super Bowl XLIV Game On

10 iPhone Apps to Get Your Super Bowl XLIV Game On by Nicholas Kolakowski

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ESPN Radio<br/>Cost: $2.99

Lets users listen to live Internet broadcasts from the ESPN Website and ESPN radio on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

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CBS Sports Mobile<br/>Cost: Free

Delivers updated news on the NFL, in addition to a variety of other sports leagues. Fantasy footballers can use the App's direct link to both NFL coverage and their fantasy league.

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Pro Football Live<br/>Cost: Free

This app offers updates and scores, game schedules, stats, news and images of NFL teams.

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LED Football 2</br/>Cost: $0.99

This emulation of an old 1980's football arcade game doesn't exactly feature cutting-edge graphics (the best it does is little lines representing players), but it nonetheless lets you pretend you're Eli Manning. If Eli Manning were a mass of pixels.

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Madden NFL 10 Online Franchise Companion<br/>Cost: Free

This app lets gaming fans sign onto their Madden NFL online franchise, propose and accept trades, post to message boards, and compare your team to those of other players in your franchise. Think of it as something to do during commercial breaks.

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Super Bowl XLIV Official NFL Game Program<br/>Cost: $4.99

Termed "the ultimate companion" to this year's Super Bowl, this digital program includes photos, rosters, "detailed team information," and an essay by "CSI: Miami" star David Caruso about his own experience watching the last Super Bowl played in South Florida; if that last item isn't worth your $5, nothing is.

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JIRBO Paper Football<br/>Cost: Free

Just like playing paper football in real life, only with 100 percent less chance of accidentally knocking over something on a table (unless you drop your iPhone).

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Sportacular</br/>Cost: Free

This app provides scores, stats, news and more, along with customizable push notifications.

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Pro Football Live (NFL)<br/>Cost: $0.99

NFL news and updates ported onto the iPhone or iPod Touch, courtesy of Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

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Fox Sports Mobile<br/>Cost: Free

This app offers news, scores, video, standings, schedules, and team info.

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