10 iPhone Apps to Scare You Silly This Halloween

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10 iPhone Apps to Scare You Silly This Halloween

by Nathan Eddy

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iMut8r ($0.99)

With seven character options to choose from (including vampires, zombies, witches and demons), this app allows you to turn photos of you and your friends into fiends of the night.

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Angry Birds Halloween ($0.99)

The Halloween-themed version of the popular game features 45 levels of "pig and pumpkin-smashing action."

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Halloween Sound Box (Free)

This fun, free app features 16 spooky sounds to scare your family and friends this Halloween.

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Halloween Pumpkinizer ($0.99)

Pumpkinize yourself this Halloween and send a personal greeting to your friends to help get them into the Halloween spirit.

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Ghost Radar ($0.99)

This app is designed to detect paranormal activity (quite a bargain at 99 cents, no?), measures electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds. Don't leave home without it.

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True Ghost Stories from Around the World ($0.99)

True stories and photos submitted from sightings and experiences around the world are divided into categories and open to your comments.

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Scene It? Horror ($1.99)

Brush up on your horror movie trivia knowledge with this app, from the makers of the popular line of interactive board games. One, two, Freddys coming for you.

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Costume Ideas ($0.99)

Lacking inspiration for a cool costume this Halloween? Check out this app, which offers more than 2,000 costume ideas from pop culture favorites to the bizarre and cultish. See, now you won't have to go as Snooki!

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Carve 3D ($0.99)

Carve your own virtual Jack 'O Lantern in an eerie graveyard with this app, and use the zoom to refine your shapes. Virtual roasted pumpkin seeds not included.

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Kids Finger Painting Halloween (Free)

This one is for the kids. Keep them occupied on Halloween with this Halloween-themed finger painting app, featuring 10 different pages and a customizable color palette.

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