10 iPhone Business Apps That Should Be on iPad

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10 iPhone Business Apps That Should Be on iPad

10 iPhone Business Apps That Should Be on iPadBy Nicholas Kolakowski

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This app delivers news, stock quotes, analysis, price charts and company descriptions-all of which is useful on the iPhone, but could be better served by the iPad's larger screen. At the very least, it would help avoid eyestrain from too-small stock charts.

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MotionX GPS Drive

This app uses Bing Maps to provide location information, including driving directions, optimized compass, address book integration and walking directions.

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iXpenseIt provides expense-tracking and recording functionality, and includes features such as records export, expense summary and text search. Its graphical reports, and longer charts like world currency list, could be displayed more easily on an iPad.

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SiteCatalyst for iPhone

This Omniture application lets existing Omniture SiteCatalyst customers view SiteCatalyst reports, metrics, bookmarks and dashboards-all of which would probably be better viewed on the iPad's larger screen.

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Kindle for iPhone

Kindle for iPhone lets users download and read Kindle books, adjust text size and add bookmarks. Apple's own iBooks feature for the iPad will likely include this same functionality, but having multiple e-reader applications on your device could come in useful.

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FlightTrack provides real-time flight status, weather radar updates, route maps and push alerts. Features such as checking gate numbers and searching by aircraft type or speed could prove just as useful on an iPad.

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Salesforce Mobile

This Salesforce.com app synchronizes Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Outlook address books, calendars and e-mail; its graphics could be an easier read on an iPad, which would provide a more laptoplike screen.

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iMExchange syncs with a company's Exchange server to provide Outlook notes and tasks-useful on both an iPhone and iPad.

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Oracle Business Indicators

This Oracle application lets users study analytics from across the scope of their business and search through performance metrics. Its graphics and charts could potentially be better-viewed on an iPad. The free application requires the licensing of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Plus and/or Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

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Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

An application for viewing, editing and sharing native Excel and Word files on the iPhone. Documents that could be perhaps better viewed and analyzed on an iPad.

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