10 of Samsung's Coolest Mobile Devices, PCs, Entertainment Gadgets

1 - 10 of Samsung's Coolest Mobile Devices, PCs, Entertainment Gadgets
2 - Samsung Galaxy S 4
3 - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
4 - Samsung UN65F8000 LED Smart TV
5 - Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma Smart TV
6 - Samsung Galaxy Camera
7 - Samsung Ativ Book 6
8 - Samsung Ativ Book 9
9 - Samsung Series 9 27-Inch Monitor
10 - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
11 - Samsung HT-E6730W Home Theater System
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10 of Samsung's Coolest Mobile Devices, PCs, Entertainment Gadgets

by Don Reisinger

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Samsung Galaxy S 4

This is an obvious one, isn't? The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is arguably the best smartphone on the market. The device comes with a quad-core processor that can handle any application, its 5-inch display is gorgeous, and the Android flavor Samsung puts into its products is second to none. The Galaxy S 4 is easily one of Samsung's coolest products.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung has gone out of its way to think outside the box. And on that front, the company has delivered a truly special product in the Galaxy Note 10.1. The device is capable of acting as a traditional tablet with finger inputs but is also designed to work with a stylus. For enterprise users, especially, it's a great product.

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Samsung UN65F8000 LED Smart TV

What's not to love about Samsung's annual 8000 series of televisions? This year, the company's F8000 delivers—with better visual quality and deeper, sharper colors and even inkier blacks than previous models. This is an LED model, which means it'll look best at direct viewing angles, but in terms of overall design and picture quality, it's incredibly impressive.

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Samsung PN64F8500 Plasma Smart TV

Although Panasonic has been the plasma screen king for years, Samsung's own F8500 series of Plasma Smart TVs is catching the eye of quite a few television cognoscenti this year. The 64-inch F8500 is capable of connecting to the Web, so users can access all kinds of applications. It's a great product.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung surprised just about everyone when it announced a Galaxy Camera. The device, which is designed for those who aren't totally sold on cameras built into smartphones, allows users to snap photos and then quickly share them with others on social networks and other devices. It's a neat concept.

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Samsung Ativ Book 6

The Samsung Ativ Book 6 is one of the nicer notebooks on the market. The device comes with a razor-thin design and runs Windows 8. It has a 15.6-inch full HD LED display and a dedicated AMD Radeon HD 8770M graphics chip. Those features make it a high-end notebook.

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Samsung Ativ Book 9

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 is another top-quality Samsung notebook. The device is just 0.6 inches thick and weighs only 3.6 pounds, making it even lighter and more compact than the Ativ 6. The Book 9 has a completely aluminum body and a 15-inch HD display. It'll even synchronize with a smartphone.

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Samsung Series 9 27-Inch Monitor

Those looking for a high-end monitor well-suited for gaming or technical applications should look no further than the 27-inch Series 9 display Samsung offers. The monitor has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a whopping 2,560-by-1,440 resolution. It also comes with two built-in speakers for entertainment-seekers, and its height can be adjusted to fit in any office.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is the third iteration in Samsung's flagship tablet line. The device comes in a wide array of sizes, including an 8-inch model, which is perhaps the optimal size for this line. As with the smartphones Samsung sells, the Galaxy Tab 3 runs the company's familiar operating system. Plus, it comes with a design that's more similar to the Galaxy S 4.

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Samsung HT-E6730W Home Theater System

Those looking for a little something to entertain them this year should consider checking out the Samsung HT-E6730W. The home theater system offers many high-end features, including vacuum tube and digital amplification. It also offers 7.1-channel surround sound. The setup is expensive, but it's well worth its price if you are looking for a top-of-the-line entertainment system.

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