10 Reasons Apple's iPhone 6s Is So Successful So Soon

10 Reasons Apple’s iPhone 6s Is So Successful So Soon
2 - The U.S. Can't Get Enough
3 - Apple Sticks to Large Screens
4 - Easy-Upgrade Programs Are Critical
5 - Apple's Competitors Don't Have Its Brand
6 - Apple Has Loyal Customers
7 - Apple Ensures iPhones Are Easy to Find and Buy
8 - Apple's Apps Have Always Been Important
9 - 3D Touch Is an Attractive Feature
10 - Apple's Pricing Is Consistently Solid
11 - The Design Is Top-Notch
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10 Reasons Apple’s iPhone 6s Is So Successful So Soon

Apple's iPhone 6s set sales records when it launched in September, and it is still popular months later, despite overall weakening iPhone demand. Here's why.

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The U.S. Can't Get Enough

The U.S. has been one of the most important markets for the iPhone 6s line. As noted, iPhone 6s models accounted for more than six in 10 iPhones sold in the first quarter, and according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the devices represent a larger portion of the 110 million iPhones currently in use in the U.S. While demand for Apple products has slowed in other markets, like China, the latest iPhone seems to be doing well in the U.S.

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Apple Sticks to Large Screens

According to nearly every major analyst or market researcher, big screens matter in the smartphone space. In fact, companies that offer devices with big screens tend to nab higher sales than those with smaller displays, which are now viewed as midrange or even budget models. Apple stuck with big screens in the iPhone 6s line, and it was rewarded with record sales.

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Easy-Upgrade Programs Are Critical

Apple and carrier upgrade programs are among the most important factors in the iPhone 6s' success. Depending on the plan customers choose, they can get a new iPhone every 18 months or even every year. Apple's own iPhone Upgrade Program is designed specifically for customers to get a new handset each year. That effectively eliminates device obsolescence for customers and, for Apple, it has helped boost sales of the iPhone 6s.

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Apple's Competitors Don't Have Its Brand

Let's face it: It's awfully nice to be Apple. While some of the company's competitors in China are gaining ground and Samsung has done well with its Galaxy S7, they don't have the same brand appeal as Apple. For more than a decade, Apple has arguably been the most recognizable and trustworthy technology brand. That only helps Apple sell more products and improves its chances of appealing to iPhone customers with the iPhone 6s.

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Apple Has Loyal Customers

In addition to a strong brand, Apple has extremely loyal customers who typically don't stray to Android devices. In fact, several studies over the past few years have shown that people are less likely to switch from iPhones compared with other brands. With a new iPhone launch each year, that loyalty pays off as Apple customers line up at stores and wake up early on preorder day just to ensure they get the smartphone when it launches. Apple's brand loyalty is critical to the iPhone's success.

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Apple Ensures iPhones Are Easy to Find and Buy

Apple has done a fine job of getting iPhones into customers' hands, no matter where they go to pick up the handset. Apple sells the device both in-store and online. All of its major mobile carrier partners are also selling the iPhone 6s. Better yet, customers can walk into several major retailers, including Best Buy and Target, to buy a new iPhone. The more places iPhones are available, the more devices Apple will sell. It's as simple as that.

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Apple's Apps Have Always Been Important

Apple would never be as successful as it is today without its apps. The company's services—like iTunes, Apple Music, FaceTime, Mail and others—keep users coming back to its devices. Apple Music was last year's big launch. For those who needed a new device and already had their favorite music stored on iTunes and wanted to try out Apple's new platform, the iPhone was the best fit. Don't underestimate the allure of Apple's software.

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3D Touch Is an Attractive Feature

One new feature that may be intriguing to some users is 3D Touch, which regulates how applications respond to how hard a person presses on the iPhone screen. The average smartphone user likely doesn't care, but those who are more expert users and want the latest technology are swooning over the feature. Apple's 3D Touch likely made many previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who want to get their hands on the latest features get off their couches and into stores.

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Apple's Pricing Is Consistently Solid

Apple hasn't deviated from its pricing model with the iPhone 6s, which has only made its devices more popular. If Apple had decided to bump the device's price tag, it would have hurt sales. Instead, Apple kept its pricing constant, providing customers more value for their dollar. The result? Record-breaking sales.

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The Design Is Top-Notch

Even though the iPhone 6s looks identical to the iPhone 6, consumers don't seem to care. After all, the iPhone 6s is still one of the most attractive, lightweight and thin smartphones on the market. Even in light of new Android releases, Apple's handset is among the better-looking options. Many smartphone customers buy for style as much as power. And on the style front, Apple typically comes out quite well.