10 Reasons Not to Buy the Google Nexus One Smartphone

News Analysis: Everyone seems so excited about Google's Nexus One mobile phone, but is that excitement well-founded? There are many reasons why Google's first foray into the mobile business might not appeal to consumers. Many consumers may choose to wait before buying the first version of this new smartphone, even if it is based on Android and carries the Google brand.

Google's Nexus One mobile phone is capturing the kind of hype previously only seen for the Apple iPhone. Already people are getting excited about using it. They're expecting big things from Google's device. It has become such a hot topic that some folks are already saying it could be the first viable competitor to the iPhone. Simply put, expectations are high for Google's mobile phone.

As exciting as the device might be, it's important to bear in mind that it hasn't even been released yet. No users aside from Google employees have gotten their hands on it. And considering the fact that it's running Android OS, it's not the iPhone and there are several devices on the market that might already provide a similar, worthwhile experience, it might not even be worth buying. So instead of heaping praise on it, let's take a look at some of the reasons why Google's Nexus One phone might not be the best buy when it hits store shelves.
1. Remember the iPhone
The Google Nexus One looks like a great device at first glance. But when consumers go out looking for the top phone, what makes Google or any other vendor think the iPhone won't also play into that equation? The iPhone is still the top phone on the market for good reason. It has most of the features users are looking for. And by the looks of things, it might have more going for it than the Nexus One.
2. The Android market
Although it now has over 20,000 applications available, the Android Marketplace still pales in comparison with Apple's App Store offering of over 100,000 applications. That's a real problem for Google. As consumers try to find ways to expand their use of mobile phones, the Nexus One simply doesn't compare well.
3. It's Android software
Google's mobile operating system is great, but it doesn't provide the kind of experience already offered on the iPhone. Apple has done a great job of building software that consumers want to use. It has consistently increased the usability of that software in each revision. Android is still young and it still has issues that need to be worked out-before the Nexus One is released.
4. Where are the multitouch features?
According to reports, the Nexus One lacks multitouch features that users will already find in the iPhone. That means there's no pinch feature. It also means that when users compare the Nexus One's usability with the iPhone, they might be quite disappointed. It's a problem that Google needs to address as soon as possible.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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