10 Reasons to Pick the HTC One M8 Over the Galaxy S5

1 - 10 Reasons to Pick the HTC One M8 Over the Galaxy S5
2 - An Elegant Design
3 - Excellent Sound Quality
4 - A Beautified Sense
5 - The Dual-Lens System
6 - More Damage-Proof
7 - Fewer Gimmicks, More Value
8 - A Slightly Better Display
9 - You're Tired of the Samsung Experience
10 - You're Already an HTC Owner
11 - HTC's Sense of Urgency
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10 Reasons to Pick the HTC One M8 Over the Galaxy S5

by Don Reisinger

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An Elegant Design

The HTC One M8 comes with a beautiful design that the Galaxy S5 can't match. The smartphone has an all-aluminum shell that meets the front of the device at the perfect spot to deliver an elegant finish. While the Galaxy S5 is not an ugly device, it's by no means as good-looking as the M8.

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Excellent Sound Quality

Just about every review surrounding the HTC One M8 indicates that the handset has the best sound quality of any smartphone on the market. That has been achieved by bundling dual front speakers into the device. It also helps that for a while, HTC owned Beats Audio, a top music device provider that likely helped the company work on its speaker technology over the years. Sound quality is extremely important for those who want to listen to music or watch videos from their smartphones.

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A Beautified Sense

Sense 6, the latest version of HTC's mobile software skin for Android, is a major upgrade over the previous version. The software is simpler and cleaner, making users more productive. What's more, it comes with support for multiple home screens and widgets, ensuring users have everything they want at the ready. Samsung has updated its TouchWiz with the Galaxy S5, but overall, that experience is slightly inferior to Sense 6.

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The Dual-Lens System

Although the Galaxy S5 would be the winner in terms of actual picture quality, the One M8 wins out for those who want to take selfies, courtesy of the device's front-facing camera and accompanying software, as well as those who want to get artistic with pictures. The back of the One M8 comes with two lenses that snap the same photo. On the device's software, users can decide what parts are blurred and what are not to create truly artistic pictures. It's a neat offering.

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More Damage-Proof

The nice thing about having a device that's aluminum is that it's a little more damage-proof than those that are plastic. Most people don't like to think about dropping a handset, but an aluminum smartphone would survive a fall a bit better than the plastic option found on the Galaxy side. Those with slippery fingers should keep that in mind.

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Fewer Gimmicks, More Value

The Galaxy S5 is chock-full of gimmicks. The device has a fingerprint sensor for security that those who have used it say doesn't work as well as Apple's TouchID. The device is also heavily focused on health-related apps that might or might not appeal to users. The One M8, meanwhile, comes with gesture-based controls that can detect when the device is picked up or brought to the ear. In fact, many functions can be achieved with the One M8 without even hitting the power button to turn it on.

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A Slightly Better Display

Although the Galaxy S5 and One M8 come with nearly identical screens—HTC's option has a 5-inch display and Samsung's comes with a 5.1-inch screen—the One M8 is ever so slightly better. HTC claims that its screen packs 440 pixels per inch, compared with 431 for the Galaxy S5. For the average person, the difference between the two displays might be negligible, but for movie viewers, that might be something to keep in mind.

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You're Tired of the Samsung Experience

Another reason someone might buy the HTC One M8 over the Galaxy S5 is that perhaps they're tired of the Samsung experience. Although TouchWiz has been updated, it's not that much different from previous versions. Plus, the Galaxy S5's design is not a major upgrade over that of the Galaxy S4. Samsung has stayed the course with the Galaxy S5. HTC, meanwhile, has tried to push the envelope.

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You're Already an HTC Owner

HTC owners who are happy with their current HTC One handsets will find a multitude of reasons to buy the One M8. From the smartphone's better specs to its improved design to its downright gorgeous Sense 6 software, current HTC owners would be foolish to go elsewhere to find a new device.

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HTC's Sense of Urgency

HTC is in trouble. There's no doubt about it. The company has watched its smartphone sales fall over the last few years and is relying on the One M8 to fix its myriad issues. That's a good thing for consumers. Upon buying a device that is already impressive, one can expect that HTC will keep a close eye on the One M8 to ensure security issues are patched, new software versions are quickly brought to the device, and customer-support issues are promptly handled. HTC's desperation could work in the owner's favor.

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