10 Samsung Mobile Devices That Have Allowed It to Challenge Apple

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The Pretty and Popular Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is simply too successful not to be the first slide in this roundup. The device has been able to set Samsung apart from all other Android makers, and thanks to its millions of unit sales worldwide, is actually the kind of device that can put real pressure on the iPhone. Who knew that any single company's products could actually make Apple feel significant competitive pressure.

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The Upcoming (and Probably More Popular) Samsung Galaxy S 4

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is another major reason for the company's recent success. Granted, it's not available right now. But the hype around it says that there are a lot of people waiting for the S 4 to hit the market before they buy their next smartphones. The Galaxy S4 inspires excitement.

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Say Hello to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is arguably the best tablet the company has ever delivered. The device has a big, 10.1-inch screen, but its inclusion of a stylus means it makes sense for consumers looking for a new input feature and enterprise users who want to use the device for digital signatures. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the kind of device that is helping Samsung prove it's a unique product provider.

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Samsung's TouchWiz Interface Is Awfully Nice

Samsung's TouchWiz interface makes some users forget that they're using Android. The company has made the exceedingly intelligent decision not to offer stock versions of Android and instead deliver products running its own Android-friendly interface. The move has made Samsung products popular and set apart its Android experience from all others.

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The Staying Power of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Although the Galaxy Tab 2 doesn't always get the kind of attention that Samsung might like and its sales are dwarfed by those of the iPad, the sales of the device have been strong enough to keep it an iPad competitor for years now. Few other tablets can say the same thing. That's a testament to Samsung's strong brand and exceptional product design.

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The Sleek Samsung Series 9, a 15-Inch Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are the future, at least that's what all of the analysts say. And that's a perfect opportunity for Samsung. Samsung's Series 9, a 15-inch Ultrabook, is a stellar product that combines an outstanding design with a great deal of power. The Ultrabook is the kind of light, highly mobile device that many buyers are looking for, and Samsung has been making its presence felt in this PC market segment.

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The Samsung Flagship LEDs

It's hard to talk about Samsung's success without mentioning the company's outstanding flagship LED televisions. For years now, Samsung's LED-backlit televisions have been the best on the market, and its market share is highest because of that. The latest versions are simply stunning, making the company's year look awfully bright.

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Bring Out the Samsung Plasmas, Too

Ironically, Samsung is also doing an outstanding job at impressing customers with its plasma televisions. For years, it was only Panasonic and Pioneer that could deliver high-quality plasmas. But that's no longer the case. Samsung plasmas have the inky blacks that LEDs can't match, and they're driving huge product sales for the company. If folks like Samsung's plasmas, you can bet they'll be more likely to buy its other products. The "halo effect" is strong with Samsung.

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Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T

The Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T delivers the kind of innovative design and feature set that's lacking in other company products. The device can be a tablet, but by attaching a keyboard, it turns into a laptop. It's a great device for mobile workers and something that few other companies can match.

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The Galaxy Brand Comes to the Samsung Camera

Samsung has realized that snapping pictures is one of the favorite pastimes of people around the globe. So it's no surprise that it delivered a Galaxy Camera that runs Android and makes it easy to snap high-quality photos and then share those on popular services. The device is one of the leading point-and-shoot cameras right now, and its success can be directly attributed to Samsung's user-friendly product design.

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