10 Sizzling iPhone Apps to Kick Off Summer

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10 Sizzling iPhone Apps to Kick Off Summer

by Nathan Eddy

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Skee-Ball ($0.99)

What says summer more than skee-ball? Now you can take your favorite boardwalk game wherever you go with this app, which offers 3D graphics, motion control physics and classic (virtual) prizes such as a set of vampire teeth or a Peruvian flute band CD. Worldwide high scores allow you to view your international skee-ball competitiveness, in case you're wondering.

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Grill Guide ($0.99)

With this update, the guide has added a seventh food group, fruit, so that you can caramelize your own peaches if you wish, but the main draw is of course its exhaustive information on all things BBQ, from how to cook the right kinds of meat at the correct temperature to a virtual meat ruler and host of grill tips.

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Ice Cream Weather (Free)

Summertime is ice cream time, of course, but the trouble always seems to be the warmer it gets, the faster you have to devour your treat before it drips all over your hands, clothes and gadgets. This app gives you the "melt rate" of your cone based on the temperature and weather conditions.

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Japanese Summer Sounds ($1.99)

Kick back, relax and chill out with a selection of soothing Japanese tunes and the ability to mix your own sound effects. The mixer automatically plays various sound effects depending on your choices, volume and frequency. More than 20 sounds, including effects, background noises and music can be mixed together.

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Pro Beach Volleyball ($1.99)

Play on some of the most beautiful digital beaches in the world with this app. A casual game lets you get in the game without leaving your poolside cabana. Original soundtracks, true physics and multiple camera angles add to the fun.

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No Title

Beach Finder ($0.99)

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SoundHound (Free)

Unlimited lyrics and browsing plus five free song IDs a month, this free version (full version is $4.99) allows you to identify songs on the radio or other broadcast, ensuring your next hot summer jam doesn't slip away into the sunset.

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iBartender ($0.99)

Mix the best summer cocktails and more (ever had a German Rusty Nail?) with this app, which boasts recipes for a slew of popular drinks. You can also shake your iPhone to select a random concoction, or search by drink name or ingredient.

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FindIT Summer Edition ($0.99)

The summer edition of this "spot the difference" game gives you something to do while waiting for your next poolside cocktail. The game boasts 50 levels ordered by difficulty, and your goal is to spot five differences in two summer scenes before time runs out. Get to it!

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Sun Alert ($0.99)

This handy app allows you to gauge your optimal sun exposure time by selecting your skin type, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of your sunscreen and the environment. It will retrieve real-time UV radiation for your location and calculate your safe exposure while outdoors. It's a must for sun-worshippers (and those of us who burn instantly in the summer).

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