10 Things Google Pixel 2 Needs to Compete With Samsung Galaxy S8

1 - 10 Things Google Pixel 2 Needs to Compete With Samsung Galaxy S8
2 - Improve the Design
3 - Go Big on Screen Size
4 - Don’t Make the Fingerprint Mistake
5 - Improve Google Assistant
6 - Storage Still Matters
7 - Keep the Camera Crown
8 - Give it a Big, Long-Lasting Battery
9 - Win the Power Battle
10 - Google Application Lineup is Strong
11 - Get the Price Down
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10 Things Google Pixel 2 Needs to Compete With Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which offer a high-end processor, big screens and next-generation designs, are sure to be big sellers when they go sale from major carriers starting April 21. They could put pressure on other major handset makers to respond with major new enhancements to their own models. Google will be one of those handset makers. The Google Pixel smartphone is generally well-regarded and Google is reportedly preparing to release the follow-on Google Pixel 2 later this year. While details about the new Pixel's design are thin, Google is expected to position the device as a must-have this holiday season. To do that, though, Google will need to take some cues from the Galaxy S8 and try to offer something even better. Here are some ideas for the Pixel 2.

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Improve the Design

High-end handsets are now launching with curved, OLED screens, small bezels and sophisticated designs. Google Pixel looks old-fashioned, with a traditional design that includes large bezels above and below the display and no curves. Google must update its design this year.

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Go Big on Screen Size

Samsung and LG are offering big-screen handsets, and Apple, too, is expected to boost the size of its iPhone display this year. Google must do the same. Offering at least one version at 6 inches or bigger would be a good idea.

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Don’t Make the Fingerprint Mistake

Google Pixel 2 will include a fingerprint sensor. But don't place it next to the rear-facing camera lens like Samsung. Instead, Google should place it in the middle of the rear panel or bake the fingerprint sensor into the screen—a technology Apple reportedly is planning in the iPhone 8.

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Improve Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the company’s virtual personal assistant, also needs an upgrade. Samsung’s Bixby is a significant step up, offering shopping advice, contextual information on landmarks and more. The artificial intelligence fight is on and Bixby has nudged ahead. Google must respond.

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Storage Still Matters

There was some hope that Samsung would offer more than 64GB of storage in the Galaxy S8. Google could differentiate by offering at least 128GB of storage. And, it could offer free storage through its cloud-based Drive service. These options might attract heavy photo and video users.

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Keep the Camera Crown

Google noted last year when it introduced the Pixel that it was delivering the best smartphone camera in the world. Many users agreed. Samsung and LG have since delivered big camera updates, and Apple is expected to as well. In our photo-, video- and selfie-obsessed world, having the best camera would be a coup.

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Give it a Big, Long-Lasting Battery

Samsung has had its fair share of battery problems, but it’s predicting battery more than a day of battery life on a single charge in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Consumers and enterprise users want a long-lasting battery and Samsung is delivering it. Google must respond with a similarly big and efficient battery in the Pixel 2.

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Win the Power Battle

Google may have to use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that’s in the Galaxy S8 for the Google Pixel 2. But it could make modifications to boost efficiency. Either way, Google should do what it can to win the power battle.

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Google Application Lineup is Strong

Google could trump the Galaxy S8 on the software side. The Pixel 2 likely will be the first handset to run Google’s O operating system. Plus, Google operates some of the world’s most popular software platforms including Gmail, Google Play and Chrome. That's a software lineup that few smartphones can surpass.

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Get the Price Down

Offering all these features means the Google Pixel 2 might be expensive. But if Google really wants to stand out, it needs to win on price. The Galaxy S8 price starts at $720 to start at Verizon and $750 elsewhere. If Google can price the Pixel 2 in the $600s, it might prove to customers that it’s a superior value.