10 Things We Want to See at Apple's Press Event

News Analysis: Apple's press event is just over a week away and speculation about what the company will be talking about is running rampant. Most Apple watchers are sure it will be the long rumored iSlate. But will Apple unveil a new iPhone OS? Or could it be an iMac refresh? Here is what we want to see.

After a long wait, Apple has finally announced that it will hold a press event next week to show off a new "creation." Since the company's iSlate has been rumored for so long, the pundits are out in full force, claiming the tablet will be unveiled by Steve Jobs at the show.

It's certainly likely. Apple's tablet has been the topic of conversation for months now. Each week, a new piece of the puzzle is added, causing more and more people to believe that Apple really will unveil its iSlate at the event.
The iSlate has the potential to be a groundbreaking product, but it's not the only hope most folks have for the future of the hardware company. Realizing that, we've decided to take a look at all the things we would like to see Apple unveil at its press event. From the iSlate to a new iPhone OS, there are some things that we definitely want to see at Apple's press event.
Let's take a look:
1. The iSlate
This is an obvious choice. The iSlate is what we've all been waiting for. Whether or not it will boast all the features so many of the reports have claimed it will remains to be seen. But if Apple does finally announce the device at its press event next week, it's sure to be one of the big news events of the year. It will also start a battle for slate dominance between Apple, HP, and several other tablet vendors.
2. New iPhone OS
It's time for a new iPhone OS version. Since Apple released version 3.0 of its software, the competition has caught up. Most touch-enabled devices now feature multitasking, an improved interface, and much more. Apple needs to keep pace if it wants to maintain its lead in the market. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will need to totally revamp its software, but if it wants to keep users happy, it needs to add multitasking and better application management.
3. Revamped iTunes
The iTunes catalog is getting old and bloated. The company's store has grown at such an astounding rate, thanks to movies, TV shows, and apps, that it's becoming unwieldy. That could pose a problem for Apple down the road, since iTunes is quickly becoming one of the main contributing factors to its financial success. How Apple will go about updating iTunes is anyone's guess, but it should start by making it easier to find apps. With that simple addition, the store could be far more appealing.
4. An iMac refresh
If all the rumors are indeed true, Apple is focusing its future in hardware on multitouch. Aside from a tablet, nowhere would touch make the most profound impact than on the company's iMac line. It seems perfect for such a function. The iMac is specifically designed for home users who require a basic computing experience. Unfortunately for Apple, HP is competing in the same space with its all-in-one PCs and lately, those devices have trumped the iMac on a number of fronts. What better way to even the playing field than to unleash full multitouch capability in the company's line of iMacs?

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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