10 Utilitarian Apps from Nokia's Ovi Store

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10 Utilitarian Apps from Nokia's Ovi Store

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Name:</b> Advanced Device Locks PRO<br /><b>Cost:

$24.99This security application allows the user to set locks on their mobile device, wipe data remotely, secure files and SMS alerts, and restrict access to applications.

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Name:</b> SMS Scheduler 2.0<br /><b>Cost:

$19.99With this application, users can create an SMS schedule for automatically sending messages to multiple recipients (such as a weekly reminder of a staff meeting). The application runs in hidden mode whenever the mobile device is turned on.

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Name:</b> AP News<br /><b>Cost:

FreeRead the latest Associated Press news, watch its videos and scan through its photo galleries. The application is also available in touch screen and non-touch screen formats.

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Name:</b> Ultimate Voice Recorder<br /><b>Cost:

$9.99This application allows the user to record voice memos, reminders and phone calls, and then browse, label and delete those recordings. A call or memo can be recorded until the phone runs low on memory.

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Name:</b> Best TaskMan<br /><b>Cost:

$1.99This application displays which programs are currently running on ones Nokia smartphone, in addition to displaying those programs location, memory consumption and capabilities used. Application functionality includes the ability to launch and close programs.

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Name:</b> Fodor's Travel Guides<br /><b>Cost:

FreeThis application guides the phones browser directly to Fodors mobile Internet site, allowing access to everything from reviews and pictures to guides. Frequent travelers could consider this application useful for business trips.

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Name:</b> RoadSync Push E-mail & PIM Data<br /><b>Cost:

$9.99This application offers secure synchronization of e-mail, calendar, contacts, attachments and subfolders via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and features support for rich HTML e-mail, tasks, contact photos and keypad shortcuts.

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Name:</b> Dr. Tie<br /><b>Cost:

$9.99Whether its a fancy awards dinner or a big-name conference, the time comes around in every mans professional life where theyll need a tie. This application offers animation of how to tie a tie in eight different ways, with the ability to check the knot frame-by-frame to ensure correct procedure.

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Name:</b> Currency<br /><b>Cost:

$4.99This application serves as a portable currency converter.

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Name:</b> Chess<br /><b>Cost:

$4.99For the procrastinator, or someone who merely wants to keep their brain active during meetings, games for the Nokia can keep things interesting—including chess.