8 iPhone Apps for Road Warriors

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8 iPhone Apps for Road Warriors

by Nathan Eddy

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Concur Mobile (Free)

Theres nothing more annoying at the end of a long—and expensive —business trip than filling out receipts and expenses. Concur Mobile lets you keep track of your expenses through your iPhone while on the road, giving you easy access to organized filing. Best of all, you wont have to turn in a receipt for the app—its free!

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Travel Tracker Pro ($8.99)

Integrated with the online travel service TripIt, this app lets you track flights with a live status feature and manage changes in car rentals, hotel bookings and flight purchases. It also keeps records of all your frequent flier mileage. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

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Heat Index (Free)

Nothing like showing up to a meeting in Anchorage dressed in a heavy wool suit only to find an unexpected heat wave has everyone walking around in linen. Unlikely? Yeah, sure, but with this app, youll always know the best way to dress when on the road—even if you are headed to Phoenix in the middle of July.

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Currency Exchange Rates Pro (99 cents)

Hows that euro doing? Have any idea where the British pound is? Youll want to know before taking that important German client out to the best restaurant in Berlin. This app features 227 currencies that users can compare, with automatic updates and an "Include Tax" feature to ensure you know exactly what things cost.

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Biz Discounts (Free)

Get discounts from Allied Business Network Vendors right on your iPhone with this app, offering savings on car rentals, hotels, office supplies, printing and more. You can also join the alliance for free via the app, so what are you waiting for? Those Post-It notes wont discount themselves ...

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Free WiFi Finder (Free)

Never be without a wireless signal while on the road with this app, which uses the iPhones GPS capability to locate free WiFi hot spots. You can filter search by location type (library, caf??«, etc.) as well as distance, and bookmark your favorite selections. Pick a point and start surfing!

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Simply Pack + (99 cents)

Are you the type to remember every last gadget you need and then forget your toothbrush? Or worse yet, your lucky suspenders (come on, you know which pair were talking about)? With this app, you can easily organize your travel essentials on a series of lists, which can be reorganized through Edit mode. Now, where did you put those plane tickets?

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Google Earth (Free)

While the world may be the road warriors oyster, theres a lot of this planet to cover, and nothing does it better than Google Earth, which lets you zoom around the globe with enviable speed and clarity. Great for tracking distance; finding restaurants, shops and bars; or just kicking back during a flight delay and going on a virtual trip to Tahiti. See? Youre more relaxed already.

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