A 7-Inch Screen

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A 7-Inch Screen

If any rumor is likely to be true, it's that the iPad Mini will come with a 7.85-inch screen. The last thing Apple wants to do is launch a device with a smaller 7-inch display that matches the Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Expect Apple's executives to highlight the fact that their tablet's screen is bigger than those from competitors.

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The Old Dock Port

The old Dock connector that was in place in Apple products for more than a decade will not be a feature in the iPad Mini. Apple first introduced the smaller Lightning port in the iPhone 5. According to reports, the company will make that the standard in all products going forward. The iPad Mini will be next to get the Lightning port.

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Extra Ports

For years now, we've been hearing reports that Apple is testing out more ports in its mobile products. And each time the company delivers something new, it doesn't actually offer those ports. So don't be surprised if the iPad Mini launches with only the Lightning port and a headphone jack.

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An End to Physical Control Buttons

In recent patent filings, Apple has shown product designs that seem to ditch physical control buttons entirely, prompting some to wonder if those new designs might be launching sooner rather than later. While that might eventually happen, for now, don't expect it. Apple is still tied to the physical button, as evidenced by its latest releases.

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Full Siri Support

Apple has been loath to deliver full Siri support across its many mobile products. Even the iPad didn't get that functionality until the launch of iOS 6. So, don't expect it to come to the iPad Mini. There's often little rhyme or reason why Apple leaves certain features out of its devices. But Siri might just be one of those features that's left out of the iPad Mini.

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A Top-End Processor

Apple has launched some new processors in its mobile devices this year. The new iPad comes with the A5X chip, while the iPhone 5 has the A6. But don't expect the iPad Mini to follow suit. Apple's smaller tablet will likely come with the A5. Why? It's a cheaper device, which means Apple needs to save some cash. It can do that with the A5.

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Retina Display

Apple's Retina display has been an important addition to the company's mobile products. However, it's unlikely the screen will be made available on the iPad Mini. Once again, with the Mini's smaller frame, Apple will need to cut corners to save cash wherever possible. That's only made possible by leaving the Retina display out of the tablet.

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A Price Tag That's Too Low or Too High

Apple's iPad Mini will reportedly start at $250. Sounds affordable, right? Well, the device's chief competitors are retailing for as little as $200. It's unlikely that Apple will match low-end tablet prices because the company likes to promote the image of delivering a premium product at a higher price. The iPad Mini's pricing will be in the midrange, significantly lower than the full-size iPad.

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4G LTE Connectivity

There has been considerable talk in the technology world, suggesting that Apple will include 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in the iPad Mini. The chances of that seem awfully slim. The iPad Mini is designed to be a lower-end version of the larger iPad. Bundling WiFi and 3G makes sense. But 4G LTE? That's really unlikely.

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An 8MP Rear-Facing Camera

Although Apple's mobile products have become ad hoc cameras for many customers, the 8-megapixel camera that came in the iPhone 5 won't make it into the iPad Mini. Apple's iPad has never been the go-to device for taking photos, and the company knows it. So don't expect its latest and greatest lens to be built into the iPad Mini.

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