A Wearable PC

Although you can wear the Xybernaut Atigo-M, function still prevails over fashion in the computer world.

With the processor of a PDA but the appearance of a tablet PC, the Xybernaut Atigo-M ($1,895 direct and up, depending on configuration) is a bit of both. This unique portable Web tablet is designed for mobility in the field but is also useful as a thin-client wireless device or as a smart terminal.

Youre more likely to find the Atigo-M in the military, shipping companies, transportation concerns, and the utility maintenance field than in the typical home or office. In fact, military and civilian government agencies and the transportation sector are among Xybernauts biggest customers, because they require a high degree of field workforce automation.

The 7.9- by 9.4- by 0.7-inch (HWD) Atigo-M is similar in size and shape to an Etch-A-Sketch and weighs 2.8 pounds with its battery. It is based on the 400-MHz Intel PXA255 XScale PXA255 processor and includes 128MB of SDRAM as well as 32MB of ROM for running the Microsoft Windows CE .NET embedded operating system. Unlike the current crop of tablet PCs, the Atigo-M does not have a hard drive, so the ability to run applications locally is limited. Xybernaut builds the Atigo-M to order, however, working closely with customers to determine what their needs are and which specific applications will be pre-loaded at the factory. The company even adds custom colors and logos upon request.

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