Acer's Windows 8 Devices Do Double Duty as Notebooks, Tablets

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Acer's Windows 8 Devices Do Double Duty as Notebooks, Tablets

By Nathan Eddy

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Aspire R7 Boasts Four-Way Ezel Hinge

With Ezel Mode, for example, the display can float over the keyboard at various angles.

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Hinging on Functionality

The idea is that the hinge can make the combination of touching the screen and using the keyboard more intuitive and natural.

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Aspire R7 Swinging Into Stores Soon

The Aspire R7, which will be available on May 17 for the suggested price of $999.99, features an Intel Core i5 processor.

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Aspire P3 Transforms Into a Tablet

The Aspire P3, which weighs 3.06 pounds and measures 0.77 inches thin, is an Ultrabook that can transform into a tablet mode.

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Aspiring to Do More

The Aspire P3 features an 11.6-inch HD display with touch and IPS technology for wide, 170-degree viewing angles. It is available with Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors,

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More Than Just a Dual-Mode Machine

The Aspire P3, currently available starting at $799.99, features Dolby Home Theater technology, which boosts sound for headphones as well as built-in speakers.

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V Series Notebooks Offer Bang for Your Buck

Acer's biggest line of mainstream Windows 8 notebooks includes the V5, which is available with a choice of touch or non-touch-screen displays.

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Aspire V5 Offers Plenty of Processing Power

The notebooks boast AMD dual-core or quad-core processors, or Intel processors, and select configurations offer Nvidia GeForce GT7XXM series or AMD Radeon HD8750 discrete graphics.

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Aspire V7 Offers a 'Silky Touch'

You have to love PR flacks—the V7 looks essentially the same as its V5 cousin, yet boasts a "silky touch" finish on the bottom, whatever that is.

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V7 Also Boasts Serious Specs

Despite the silky nature of the casing, there is some serious hardware inside, including Intel processors, a solid-state drive and WiDi, Intel's Wireless Display technology.

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