Add Some Bling to Your iPhone

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Add Some Bling to Your iPhone

Crimson USA added new colors and finishes to its line of aluminum iPhone 4/4S cases: anodized orange, pink and purple (shown here), one with a chrome finish, and a 24k gold-plated model.

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Bagless Strap, by Design

The Runnur strap holds a variety of items that would fill pockets, while being less awkward to use than a bag or backpack.

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Adaptable Cases From Rokform

The Rokbed v3 cases for iPhone 4/4S can now be used with dashboard mounts, magnets, sport clips and tripod mounts to attach one's device to a variety of surfaces.

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Rokforms Tripod Mount

The Rokform tripod mount snaps into the back of Rokbed v3 cases with ease, providing a secure and stable setup for photos or video.

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Form Follows Function

Intoxicase isn't the only company offering an iPhone 4/4S case that doubles as a bottle opener, but its design is certainly distinctive.

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Leverage Your Liquid Assets

The Opena case for iPhone 4/4S also opens bottles, but the slide-out design adds an extra bit of leverage for smooth results.

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OtterBox Partners With Lance Armstrong Foundation

OtterBox has added a Livestrong edition to its Commuter series of cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S; these are available online and at Radio Shack stores.

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