Adobe Launches EchoSign E-Signature App for Android

Adobe's EchoSign electronic signature app is now available for Android in addition to the iOS platform.

Adobe's EchoSign

Adobe has brought its widely used EchoSign e-signature service to Android, enabling electronic signatures to go more broadly mobile.

This move enables Android users to send, sign, track and manage contracts and agreements right from their Android devices. The Adobe EchoSign for Android app is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

The app enables users to open and sign documents instantly with either their finger or a stylus, get legally binding e-signatures from others by sending a request or collecting e-signatures in person on any Android device, and store and manage agreements on the go by tracking the progress with real-time status updates, and the ability to manage and view agreements in an EchoSign account.

Moreover, EchoSign for Android integrates seamlessly with Reader, Acrobat, Google Drive, Box, Sharepoint 2013, Salesforce and now Evernote--exclusively available on EchoSign for Android, so documents can be easily accessed and opened on the go.

With more than 37 million users worldwide, EchoSign is used by businesses of all sizes--including Fortune 1000 companies, health care organizations and financial institutions to streamline business and seal deals faster, Adobe said.

“It’s been widely forecast that, sometime during 2014, the number of mobile devices worldwide will exceed 7 billion (which, coincidentally, is more than the world’s total population),” wrote Mark Grilli, vice president of Acrobat Solutions, in a post on the EchoSign blog. “For business, that fact alone underscores the need to get things done on mobile devices. Not just send email, share opinions or schedule meetings: actually get things done, like closing sales contracts, hiring people and getting agreements approved. Now you can.”

At the bottom line, Grilli said, "With Adobe EchoSign, businesses can now get trusted electronic signatures that are 100 percent mobile, in native mobile applications for iOS and now Android devices."

Adobe EchoSign simplifies the process of getting to a signed agreement. Single or multiple documents can be packaged and sent for signature, removing the hassle of using paper and multiple email attachments. Once the agreement is signed, it’s simple to track, manage and store them securely in Adobe EchoSign and send copies back to all parties.

Adobe said EchoSign customers achieve an average of 85 percent reduction in contract signing times. Moreover, EchoSign supports creating custom business workflows. The e-signature platform helps users build and customize signing workflows tailored to suit individual business processes. And once built, these workflows can be published and used throughout the organization–helping improve compliance, minimize errors and reduce costly rework during signing processes.

The platform also offers two-factor authentication so senders can be assured that people signing the documents are the ones they intended. This is established by choosing from several identity verification methods such as password, knowledge-based authentication or social identity, Adobe said.

“Using mobile e-signatures from EchoSign is like putting a pen in the pocket of every customer prospect, potential new hire, and more, regardless of where in the world they might be at any given moment,” Grilli said in his post. “Whether you’re using EchoSign on iPhone or Android devices, you and your signers can have all of the functionality you need, on the go, and it all stays seamlessly connected to and integrated with the EchoSign you use in the office. Our customers in Sales, HR, Finance, Procurement and more have repeatedly pointed to the faster and more streamlined processes they see as a result of using electronic signatures. As a result, EchoSign customers are closing sales up to 5x faster, and they’re winning the talent war by hiring and onboarding employees more quickly. (At the University of Colorado Boulder, hiring the ‘old way’ used to take six weeks–EchoSign has helped cut that to as little as a day.)”