Adobe Launches Revel Photo Importer for Android Phones

Adobe announced that its new Adobe Revel Importer is available in the Android Marketplace to enable Adobe Revel users to import photos stored on their Android phone into their Revel account.

Users of Adobe€™s Revel photo-sharing solution now have access to Android, as Adobe has announced the availability of its new Revel Importer in the Android Marketplace.

The Adobe Revel app is a photography solution that gives users access to their entire photo library from their iPads, iPhones, Macs and now Android phones. However, although Revel Importer allows users to import photos directly into a Revel account, it is not a full version of Revel for Android, said Chris Quek, a member of the Adobe Revel team, in a Feb 15 blog post. Adobe Revel Importer simply provides Adobe Revel subscribers with a quick and easy way to import the photos stored on their Android phone into their Adobe Revel account.

€œRevel Importer allows you to easily add photos stored on your Android phone into your Revel photo library,€ Quek said. €œThe app also automatically imports new photos, so you can snap a shot with your Android phone and it will instantly appear in Revel.€

Adobe Revel Importer is designed as a complementary app to Adobe Revel and is included with a monthly and yearly subscription. Users with an active Revel 30-day free trial can also use the app. Users have the option of selecting individual, multiple or all photos at once and importing them into any of the five photo libraries associated with their Adobe Revel account. It can also be set to automatically upload any new photo taken with their Android phone.

The Revel Importer lets users see photos on their Android phones that have already been added into their Revel account. This lets them easily keep track of photos that have already been imported and photos that have not been imported.

Moreover, Adobe officials said Revel is the only photography solution that offers a quick and simple way to browse, share and make photos look great using the same processing engine used in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, without worrying about manual syncing between devices or storage issues.

Adobe Revel Importer is available as a free download in the Android Marketplace. Adobe Revel Importer is designed to be used with an active Adobe Revel account€”paid subscription or trial. A Revel subscription is available for $59.99 a year or $5.99 a month. Adobe Revel Importer supports any Android phone that supports Android OS 2.2 or higher.