Air2Web Mobilizes Retail Marketing Campaigns

The mobile marketing company releases a platform of hosted applications that interact with consumer mobile devices.

Mobile marketing technology provider Air2Web is offering six hosted turnkey solutions within its Mobile Marketing Solution Series.

Announced April 1 at the CTIA Wireless 2008 conference in Las Vegas, the suite encompasses applications that perform promotional and service functions.

"We connect brands to the consumer," said Bill Jones, president of Air2Web. "We reduce the friction involved in getting mobile marketing accomplished for brands."

Jones said his company wants to get retailers asking why they're not performing mobile marketing, instead of asking why they should be involved.

"Mobile technology is well-saturated and uniquely trackable anytime, anywhere," he said. "The success of mobile marketing campaigns exceeds that which is typical for direct interactive campaigns. Nobody disputes this, but not everybody is doing it."

Mobile Marketing Solution Series includes applications for sending promotional messages, distributing and redeeming coupons, allowing customer votes, sending customer alerts, locating stores, and conducting customer surveys. Jones said a retailer can utilize each solution for a fixed fee of $15,000 and have it implemented within seven days. Users can perform unlimited standard-rate messaging for 30 days.

"Our function is to isolate and insulate the marketers from the complexities of mobile technology and allow them to perform cutting-edge marketing," he said. "We streamline every element."

To that end, Jones said each client has an individual browser-based login to a customer portal called InfoCenter, where they can view campaign reports such as the number of coupons delivered and opt-in/opt-out rates. He said Air2Web also e-mails a weekly campaign report to its clients.

"Mobile marketing is designed to be part of the marketing mix, not to replace it," Jones said. "It's an opportunity not only to drive in-store traffic, but to promote new products and services and connect with the consumer in a valuable way."

Jon Paisner, an analyst with The Yankee Group, said Air2Web is correct in not limiting itself to enabling one type of marketing vehicle for mobile devices.

"Air2Web is taking the platform approach, which in this case is the right approach," Paisner said. "They are enabling loyalty programs, coupons and stored value cards."

Instead of focusing on one specific marketing niche, he said Air2Web is looking to put any type of service that brands want to take advantage of onto mobile devices.

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