Airespace Aces Wi-Fi Access

Wireless enterprise platform update offers unmatched RF capabilities.

Companies looking for an end-to-end Wi-Fi access, security and management solution will be hard-pressed to find a more complete, robust set of products than Airespace Inc.s Wireless Enterprise Platform suite.

eWEEK Labs tested the $12,000 Airespace 4024 WLAN Switch with an IP Security accelerator, as well as two Airespace 1200 access points, at $400 each, that support 802.11a, b and g. We also tested the new $750 1200R REAP(Remote Edge Access Point) and Version 2.0 of the companys ACS (Airespace Control System) software, which aggregates control and configuration of all switches and access points. ACS 2.0 is priced at $1,000 for 12 access points.

The ACS 2.0 software, which began shipping last month, includes improved location tracking for clients and rogue devices, expanded site survey and access point deployment capabilities, and improved VLAN (virtual LAN) support. The 1200R REAP, which also shipped last month, enables Layer 3-based functionality for branch offices, which obviates the expense of deploying WLAN Switches at every location.

Airespaces platform uses LWAPP (Light Weight Access Point Protocol), the companys proposed standard, to encapsulate communication between access points and switches.

Both the 16- and 24-port WLAN Switch devices offer in-line 802.3af-compliant POE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities to power the remote access point units. Therefore, companies that already have POE switches in the wiring closet may prefer the Airespace 4100 WLAN Appliance instead of the WLAN Switch models.