American Presidents Life History ($0.99)

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American Presidents Life History ($0.99)

Where better to start than with the history of every American president at your fingertips, including their official portraits and signatures.

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The White House (Free)

Get news and updates from the White House, featuring videos, photos and live streaming of events with President Obama.

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US Presidents Match Game ($0.99)

Learn the names, portraits and chronological order of the presidents with this fun memory matching game. Quick-did Benjamin Harrison serve before or after Grover Cleveland?

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Manual for the USA ($4.99)

This blockbuster app contains the writings of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, opinions from landmark Supreme Court cases and much more.

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USA President Quotes ($0.99)

Get your historic quotes correct with this app, which collects the most famous sayings of our heads of state.

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President Trivia ($0.99)

Quiz yourself or your friends with hundreds of fun facts about the presidents from Washington to Obama, with three levels of difficulty.

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Presidential Notes ($0.99)

Did you know Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to ride in an airplane (one designed by the Wright Brothers, no less)? Fun facts and more await you with this app.

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Lincoln Speeches and Analysis ($0.99)

Explore the words of one of America's greatest presidents, including the Gettysburg Address, featuring analysis from presidential scholars.

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Hail to the Chief Button (Free)

Announce your arrival in presidential style by blasting "Hail to the Chief" from your iPhone.

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Weather Presidents (Free)

Choose from a variety of cartoon presidents to deliver the day's forecast, complete with cute animations and graphics.

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