Android, iPhone, BlackBerry Apps for Post-Labor Day Productivity

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Android, iPhone, BlackBerry Apps for Post-Labor Day Productivity

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Name: Nubi Do</b><br /><b>Platform: iPhone

Summers over, and that means its back to the grind. This task manager allows you to set up a monthly task calendar, import and export data from Google Docs spreadsheets, assign priorities and due dates, and leave yourself text notes.

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Name: Best Alarm Clock</b><br /><b>Platform: iPhone

Oh, youre getting up. Especially when your alarm-clock app features multiple alarms, weather and temperature displays, and a giant snooze button. The 99-cent version allows you to set iTunes songs for your alarm, meaning you can wake to the soothing sounds of "Welcome to the Jungle" at 200 decibels.

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Name: iTranslate</b><br /><b>Platform: iPhone

Summer offers vacation travel, fall a return to business trips. To assist you with the latter, an app such as iTranslate offers translation for words, phrases and some basic sentences in 52 languages, along with the ability to send translated texts via e-mail or Twitter.

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Name: Dropbox</b><br /><b>Platform: iPhone

This app allows you to sync and share files via e-mail, view documents while on-the-go, export Dropbox files to other iPhone and iPad apps, and save videos taken with the iPhone camera to your Dropbox.

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Name: Adobe Reader</b><br /><b>Platform: Android

Adobe Reader allows you to view PDF documents on your Android phone. New features in v9.0.2 include support for languages such as French, German and Italian. PDFs can be opened from e-mail, and a reflow view squeezes the documents contents to fit the screen.

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Name: The Weather Channel</b><br /><b>Platform: Android

In-depth weather reports for your area. Yes, its raining. Yes, you have to go to work.

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Name: To-Do List</b><br /><b>Platform: Android

This app tries to make a "to-do" list as simple as possible: add items, edit items, delete items.

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Name: Voice Search</b><br /><b>Platform: Android

Search your Android phone and the Web via speech instead of typing. This app also allows you to call contacts or obtain directions with the power of your voice.

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Name: Player for YouTube</b><br /><b>Platform: BlackBerry

While the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 contains more integrated multimedia functionality, those with older BlackBerry devices may find procrastination a little easier with this YouTube-centric app.

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Name: SmrtGuard Mobile Security</b><br /><b>Platform: BlackBerry

This app offers the ability to remotely track a stolen or lost BlackBerry via GPS through, block unwanted calls, and real-time protection against viruses and malware.

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