Android Wear Smartwatch Face Collection Gets More New Looks

1 - Android Wear Smartwatch Face Collection Gets More New Looks
2 - Moods of Norway
3 - Hello Kitty
4 - Rubik's Cube on Your Wrist
5 - Angry Birds Aviator
6 - Lulu Frost Bling
7 - George Frost Unisex Watch Faces
8 - The Terminator Is Back
9 - Kevin Tong Robotics Illustrations
10 - Designer Cynthia Rowley
11 - Bang & Olufsen Creativity
12 - Track Your Daily Steps With Geox
13 - Charming Moomin Characters
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Android Wear Smartwatch Face Collection Gets More New Looks

by Todd R. Weiss

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Moods of Norway

Clothing retailer Moods of Norway has designed an Android watch face collection that provides designs that change automatically for 36 featured holidays and events throughout the year. This free app can also be set to be independent from holidays.

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Hello Kitty

This free Hello Kitty watch face collection includes six whimsical designs that change automatically. The Hello Kitty caricatures keep track of time while she cooks, rides and flies in humorous animations.

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Rubik's Cube on Your Wrist

With this new Rubik's Cube watch face app, users can view the present time and date through isometric animations that twist and turn like the original Rubik's Cube puzzle itself. It also features an ambient state when users want to turn the animations off.

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Angry Birds Aviator

Android smartwatch wearers can now feature their favorite Angry Birds characters right on their watch faces with this colorful free app. The images, of course, feature the occasional angry outburst from the birds. And be sure to wait for the clock hands to form an angry frown at 10:10.

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Lulu Frost Bling

Jewelry and accessories designer Lulu Frost created an Android watch face app that features digital jewels inspired by salvaged room numbers from New York City's famed Plaza Hotel. Adding to its creativity, the app has a smooth backdrop that gradually changes from day to night.

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George Frost Unisex Watch Faces

The George Frost watch face collection, which is the unisex division of Lulu Frost, uses intriguing camouflaged numbers on a clean interface. Also included in the free app are subtle animations that use Morse code dots and dashes to secretively spell out the day.

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The Terminator Is Back

Android smartwatch wearers who are fans of the Terminator movie series can add this free Terminator app to their smartwatch so they can view awesome graphics and animations based on the latest film in the series. Special features are also included to add daily surprises.

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Kevin Tong Robotics Illustrations

Fascinating animated robots are featured in this free app collection from freelance illustrator Kevin Tong and digital production company MediaMonks. The robot illustrations display the time in digits and change with the time of day.

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Designer Cynthia Rowley

The colorful and intricate Cynthia Rowley watch face app features a stunning selection of patterns that change through delicate animations as the day progresses. The Rowley app is free in the Play store.

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Bang & Olufsen Creativity

Bang & Olufsen, which sells distinctive music systems, televisions, loudspeakers and multimedia products, offers this creative and stark free smartwatch app that displays sunrises and sunsets right on the watch face.

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Track Your Daily Steps With Geox

Italian shoe and clothing retailer created this innovative and free app to track a user's daily steps using colors instead of numbers. Users can plot their progress by seeing colorful gradients that change as they walk and get closer to their destinations. A companion app can customize those daily targets and can change the gradients to match a user's mood or outfit.

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Charming Moomin Characters

From the mind of Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson, this free app delivers a collection of adorable and popular Moomin cartoon characters to Android Wear smartwatches. The app includes illustrations from the new movie, "Moomins on the Riviera," to inform users of the latest time.

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