Apple Aims to Validate Tablet Concept with iPad Design

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Apple Aims to Validate Tablet Concept with iPad Design

by Cameron Sturdevant

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Jobs Rolls Out the iPad

Steve Jobs announces the name of the latest Apple device, the iPad.

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Just Like the Lion King

Jobs holds up an iPad for the first public look at the tablet device Apple thinks will fill a gap between its iPhone and MacBooks.

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Showing Off the iPad Display

Jobs projected the display of his iPad during his demonstration of the new tablet device.

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Turning It into a Digital Photo Frame

One version of the charging dock enables the iPad to double as a digital photo frame.

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It's Equipped Almost Like a Desktop

Another version of the charging dock adds a mechanical keyboard for heavy-duty typing projects.

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The Real-World Scrunch

Using an iPad in the wild is a little less glamorous than the thin and light tablet's svelte appearance would imply.

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Sealed Up Battery

Seen from the rear, the iPad has a sealed battery that Apple has benchmarked at 10 hours while showing video and a month of standby capacity. No claims were made as to the batterys service life replacement.

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Like a Giant iPhone

I'm a long-time user of the Apple iPhone and the use and performance of the iPad was very similar in terms of applications (YouTube shown here). The iPad does have a nice feel in the hand. I wanted to "accidentally" drop it to see the result, but prudence deterred me.

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Working in Portrait Mode

Here you see e-mail messages along the left side with a PDF image opened from an attachment on the right. (It's the Paris metro map.)

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The iPad from the Bottom Edge

Here is the 30-pin dock and built-in speakers. There is a camera connection kit to get photos directly into the iPad.

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The Views from the Top Edge

Here is the headphone jack to work with the built-in speakers.

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Web Browsing with the iPad

The New York Times made a couple of appearances. Here is the Safari demo page.

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E-Reading with Bookmarks

The iPad lets readers insert personalized bookmarks into any file.

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Browsing Through Photo Archives

Like other Mac devices such as the MacBook, it's easy to browse through and then expand photos.

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It Even Has a Calendar

Like all other PCs, the iPad includes a calendar application. Here is a detail view.

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Managing Contacts

This is a detail view of the contact management feature.

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Displaying Maps and Satellite Images

Here is a view for a satellite.

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Accessing Music Libraries

Manage your music library here.

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Viewing Movies

Movie display looked great during the demo. Apple claims you can watch 10 hours of video on a single charge.

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Jobs Working with the Keyboard

Here is a view of Jobs composing a new e-mail message. When I typed on the iPad in the demonstration area, it was responsive, if a bit ginger.

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