Apple Bringing Special iPhone Screen Repair Machines to Partner Stores

Today’s topics include Apple bringing screen-repair machines to 400 partner stores, Microsoft shutting down, expected job cuts after the $4.48 billion Verizon-Yahoo deal closes and Docker’s efforts to improve Linux kernel security with LinuxKit.

Apple will install its proprietary iPhone screen-repair machines inside some 400 partner stores located in 25 countries to cut down on repair delays. The move also comes following legislation that takes aim at manufacturers that make their devices difficult to fix.

The expansion of the screen repair equipment, called Horizon Machines, was first revealed in a June 7 Reuters story. The report noted that Apple is working to install the machines by the end of 2017 in stores such as Best Buy. Previously Apple only allowed its Horizon Machines to be installed in its own stores. Until recently, in fact, the company had not even acknowledged the existence of the machines.

The Horizon Machines are the only ones that can be used when repairs involve the iPhone's proprietary fingerprint sensor, due to security protocols for the devices.

Microsoft announced on June 9 that it will be shuttering its Office file-sharing site The company is making the move because its SlideShare service, which it obtained with its purchase of LinkedIn last year, makes the online public repository for Office files redundant.

"Following Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, SlideShare has joined the Microsoft family, and represents the ideal platform for publishing your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF content with its audience of 70 million professionals, and vast content library," a June 9 post from the company states.

Documents stored on will be automatically backed up to OneDrive. Users can no longer create files on, and come Dec. 15 the website will no longer be accessible.

With its acquisition of Yahoo’s core businesses, Verizon is switching focus to how it can leverage the $4.48 billion purchase to accelerate revenues in the digital advertising space. One of Verizon’s first actions after the deal is finalized will reportedly be to cut about 2,100 jobs across Yahoo and its current web property AOL.

"The similarities between the AOL and Yahoo properties mean there are a lot of redundant positions," Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT research, explained, adding that he expects "the marketing and sales organizations to take the brunt of the reductions, with Yahoo personnel suffering the most losses."

Docker hopes to improve Linux kernel security by incubating several nascent Linux security projects within its LinuxKit community.

The container vendor officially announced LinuxKit on April 18 as an open-source toolkit to build container-optimized Linux distributions.

Nathan McCauley, director of security at Docker Inc., told eWEEK that there are a number of incubated projects focused on security improvements within LinuxKit. Those projects include Wireguard, a new VPN for Linux that utilizes secure cryptography; the Kernel Self Protection Project, which provides additional security layers to the Linux kernel; and Landlock, a new Linux Security Module that makes use of extended Berkeley Packet Filters to hook small programs into the Linux kernel.