Apple iPad Enables Tap-to-Send

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Apple iPad Enables Tap-to-Send

The Drchrono EHR platform uses the touch-screen capabilities of the iPad to enable "tap-to-send" functionality. Doctors can tap to send videos and articles to patients.

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Curating Educational Content

An algorithm in Drchrono's platform helps doctors curate educational content after patients check in on the OnPatient personal health record (PHR) iPad app and enter their demographic data and medications, Nusimow said.

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Demonstrating Procedures and Evaluating Surgery Options on Video

Videos from Mayo Clinic allow a doctor to demonstrate how to put on a rotator cuff immobilizer sling or provide an initial evaluation of whether a patient is a candidate for bariatric surgery.

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Videos Become Part of a Patient's EHR

Doctors can curate a video library relevant to an individual patient and store it within the person's EHR.

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Managing Video Inventory

When viewing a video at right, doctors can keep track at left of which videos or documents they've sent to patients.

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Digital Medical Diagrams in Colorful Detail

Within the Drchrono app, doctors can share with patients detailed diagrams of symptoms they may be experiencing, such as heart ailments like an atrial flutter. Materials could also include info on complications from conditions such as diabetes, Nusimow said.

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Moving Away from Print

The Drchrono EHR application allows doctors to educate patients about their lab tests or about a specific drug and share the information on the iPad, rather than relying on printed materials, Nusimow said.

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