Apple iPad Offers New Way of Accessing the Web

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Apple iPad Offers New Way of Accessing the Web

by Clint Boulton

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The iPad

The device is thin, only 0.5 inches thick with a 9.7-inch screen, and weighs 1.5 pounds.

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Great for Reading Content

Analysts who heard about the Apple tablet before the launch suspected the iPad's screen would lend itself to a fine digital reading experience. This picture may indicate they were right, as the New York Times is prominently displayed on the screen, which adjusts content when it's rotated.

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Facebook, Gaming

The iPad's crisp display also makes social applications such as Facebook and gaming apps look like a dream to play with.

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iPad Website

True to the form that it established with its iPod and iPhone launches, Apple introduced the iPad Website today, offering pictures and details. Consumers will be able to buy the iPad beginning at $499 in March.

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Running Safari

Safari powers the iPad's mobile browsing experience.

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E-Mailing Is Fast, Productive

Jobs showed how easy, efficient and expansive e-mail is on the iPad.

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Pictures on the iPad

Just as with e-mail and other apps, the multitouch features on the iPad let users just tap or pinch to open the stack of pics.

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Watching Anything Is Great

TV, videos, YouTube ... It's all a blast on iPad, whose display does justice to HD.

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Dont Forget Your Music

iPad fully syncs with iTunes via Apple's 30-pin cable, so you'll be able to port your music and take it with you on your new toy.

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The App Store

Jobs said most of the 140,000 iPhone applications in Apple's App Store will run on the iPad, and users will be able to download most of their iPhone apps to the iPad when they purchase it. Apple's App Store comes on every iPad.

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Docking stations, a Camera Connection Kit and an iPad Case highlight the iPad accessories.

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Would You Buy This?

It's a gorgeous-looking display of computing, no question. The question is: How many units will Apple sell in 2010?

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