Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Fading from Memory: 10 Reasons Why

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Apple iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Fading from Memory: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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The Cases Work

Its possible that all the outcry over the iPhone 4s antenna woes have stopped because the cases actually work. Most reviewers have said that by adding Apples Bumper or another case to the iPhone 4, the devices antenna troubles disappear. Considering a slew of iPhone 4 owners acquired the free case, it would only make sense that they would stop complaining.

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Maybe It Wasn't So Widespread

Apple said in a release announcing its decision to discontinue the case program that the problem wasnt as "widespread" as it originally thought. If thats true, then perhaps a vocal minority caused all the outcry in the first place. Either way, whoever was complaining about the iPhone 4 previously has mostly stopped.

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People Learn to Live with It

The relative quiet on the iPhone 4s antenna problem seems to indicate that those who have experienced the issue have simply accepted that the iPhone 4 will be with them for the long haul and its shortcoming needs to be accepted. That resignation has played into Apples favor.

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Apple's Grand Distractions

Apple is a master at distracting consumers from the real issues that plague a device. Since the iPhone 4 press conference, Apple hasnt said a word about the antenna problems. Instead, it has updated its App Store, released new iPods and unveiled an Apple TV refresh. Those announcements have helped get the attention off the iPhone 4 and its antenna problem.

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Other Phones Have It Too

Jobs made it clear at his companys press conference that the iPhone 4 isnt the only device that experiences dropped signal when held in a certain way. And tests after that announcement have proven that Jobs might be right. In fact, some smartphones have antenna problems just like the iPhone 4. By making that known to the market, Jobs drew attention away from the iPhone 4 and turned it into a mobile industry-wide problem.

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Time Heals All Wounds

It has now been several months since the iPhone 4s reception issues were front-page news. Those problems have been replaced by new stories and new topics. Hewlett-Packard is now headlining stories, while the iPhone has been pushed aside. It seems that Apple realized that with patience, complaints would go away.

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Other Benefits of Ownership

The iPhone 4 might have reception issues, but Apples ability to sell the smartphone to millions since that news broke has proven that customers are willing to look past those problems. Apple was smart enough to create a product that entices consumers in so many ways that a reception problem is the least of their worries. Since the product was attractive in other ways, Apple benefited from the fact that in the end, buyers were content to disregard the reception issues to buy an iPhone 4.

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The iPad Is Starting to Rule the Day

Apples iPad might not enjoy the sales numbers that the iPhone does, but the tablet is quickly capturing more headlines than Apples smartphone. The device is facing off with many more competitors, but its delivering a unique experience that so far, consumers like. That doesnt mean that its casting a shadow over the iPhone 4. But it does mean that the attention its getting is helping push iPhone 4 complaints to the wayside.

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Android Market Share Keeps Coming Up

Lately, all the talk in the smartphone space has revolved around Android OS market share. Googles platform has captured more share this year than Apple. And most researchers expect it to outpace iOS going forward. That has helped shift some of the attention away from the iPhone 4s antenna problems, even though some have been calling Apples ability to compete into question.

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Steve Jobs Played It Perfectly

In the end, Apples ability to get out from under the complaints surrounding the iPhone 4s reception issues relied upon Jobs handling of the situation. He held a press conference to supposedly correct inaccuracies and then proceeded to offer free cases that he knew would alleviate the problem. From there, he pulled the patented Apple move of ignoring the outcry. Now, the issue is little more than a faint memory for most consumers.

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