Apple iPhone 4S Battery Issues

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Apple iPhone 4S Battery Issues

According to online reports and several irate commenters on Apples discussion threads, a subset of iPhone 4S units are experiencing significant battery drain in a relatively short period of time: 15 to 20 percent an hour, in some cases.

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Apple has yet to release an official statement on the iPhone 4S battery drain, but an Oct. 28 piece in The Guardian suggested company engineers had reached out to some users.

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In 2010, the blockbuster release of the iPhone 4 was somewhat marred by reports of dropped calls whenever users gripped the device in a certain way with their bare hands.

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Eventually, Apple issued free rubber bumpers to iPhone 4 owners, which blocked the devices exterior antenna rim from skin contact.

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White iPhone 4

Apples white iPhone 4 underwent months of delays, with only vague explanation forthcoming from Apple. Rumors suggested the delays had their root in manufacturing issues.

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Photo Finish

In October 2010, the blog Cult of Mac suggested that ambient light leaked into the white iPhone 4s case, affecting its ability to take accurate pictures. In a January talk with Engadget, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also suggested the white iPhone 4 had camera issues.

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Yellow iMac Screens

In late 2009, an unknown number of iMac buyers reported either a flickering screen, or one with a disconcerting yellow tint.??í

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Apple dealt with that iMac issue by publicly directing affected customers to contact AppleCare.

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When Apple launched MobileMe in 2008, users reported issues with the online service, including problems syncing devices and some lost data.

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Furious Jobs

According to Walter Isaacsons new biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO gathered the MobileMe team in the companys auditorium and tore into them verbally. Apple is in the process of replacing MobileMe with its iCloud service, which also syncs data between devices.??í

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