Apple iPhone 5 Design: 10 Features That Absolutely Won't Make the Cut

News Analysis: Speculation abounds over what features will and won't make the final cut for the Apple iPhone 5 production specifications. Read on to find out what you won't see in the next iPhone version.

As the Worldwide Developers Conference draws near, rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 are running rampant. Some say that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 at the event and release the smartphone over the summer, as it has done in the past. Others say Apple might not even release the iPhone 5 until next year. Beyond that, rumors are swirling (and conflicting)over what new features will show up in the iPhone 5.

At this point it's anybody's guess what new features Apple's design engineers and software developers will devise for the iPhone 5 until Apple is good and ready to disclose them. But that doesn't mean that one can't speculate. Considering the sheer number of rumors out there, one could easily assume that some of them are correct and some are dead wrong.

But rather than focus on what could very well be right, the following items examine the rampant rumors that won't come true. The iPhone 5 will boast many important feature updates, but the following features or enhancements won't make it into the mobile device this time around:

1. Over-the-air updates

One of the latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 is that it will finally offer over-the-air updates. In other words, rather than plug the smartphone into a computer to update its operating system, users will be able to do so wirelessly over the Web. Although Android-based devices are updated in that fashion, don't expect the iPhone 5 to follow suit. As those Android devices have shown, over-the-air updates take time to bring to all users. In general, the experience just isn't as simple or efficient as Apple's method. Over-the-air is great in principle, but it doesn't work all that well in practice. And Apple knows that.

2. iOS 4

If there is any guarantee in Apple's iPhone ecosystem, it's that the next version of the company's smartphone will be running iOS 5, the next major update to the company's mobile operating system. In this case, history must be one's guide. As previous iPhone models have shown, with new hardware launches comes new software launches. The iPhone 5 will be running iOS 5.

3. 4G

One of the most anticipated iPhone features is 4G connectivity. There is persistent speculation that the iPhone 5 will include access to the ultra-high-speed networks. However, that seems rather unlikely at this point. For one thing, Apple has said that 4G isn't necessarily ready yet. Moreover, the networks are likely not ready to handle the load an iPhone launch would place upon them. The iPhone 5 doesn't seem like an ideal 4G candidate-that feature will likely be saved for the iPhone 6.

4. A smaller screen

Over the years, numerous rumors have cropped up, saying that Apple is planning to launch a smaller-screened iPhone. And each year, those rumors have been dashed. This time around shouldn't be any different. If anything, Apple might launch the iPhone 5 with a bigger, 4.3-inch display. But there's no chance the company would try its luck with an iPhone 5 model featuring a smaller display.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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