Apple iPod Shuffle ($49)

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Apple iPod Shuffle ($49)

With five snazzy colors, 2GB of storage and the typical Apple design polish, this tiny MP3 player is the perfect gift for the mobile music fan.

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Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate ($11.99)

Made from delicious dark chocolate and straight from Tatooine's Tasty Treats, this carbonite confection should be a sweet surprise.

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CableDrop Cable Clips ($11.99)

Never lose your important cables under the desk—these clips stick to your desk to hold your power cords. Keep your cables happy and healthy using these nifty cable clips.

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Thermodynamics Drinking Bird ($5.99)

The Second Law of Thermodynamics embodied in a glass bird, so you get an education and a time-waster all in one!

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USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher ($19.99)

Help your lover win the arms race in the office with this mini weapon of mass destruction, which includes 3D software and can be connected to other launchers.

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Geek Statement Socks ($10.99)

Show your geek love with these colorful socks, with a choice of Bacon, Bookworm, Nerd, Geek, Zombie and Ninja versions.

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BodyGard Emergency Tool ($14.99)

Featuring a glass breaker, safety blade, sonic alarm and distress light, this multi-tool could save your loved one in an emergency.

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Flash Drive Bottle Opener

Bits, bytes and beer—what more could anyone need? Drinking and data, together at last in a 2GB flash drive.

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iPad Arcade Stick ($15.99)

The Joystick-It gives you a real physical joystick that adds more precise movement and faster response time for enhanced playability with touch-screen based games.

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R/C Micro Metal Gyro Copter ($29.99)

This next-generation copter features an all-metal body and built-in solid-state accelerometer (just like the iPhone).

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