Apple Is a Juggernaut

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Apple Is a Juggernaut

Apple has proven itself a competitive challenger to just about every company in the computer industry. In the mobile space, the company's iPhone and iPad dominate. In computers, PC makers like HP and Dell are losing some market share to Macs. If all of that can happen, why can't Apple leave the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire in the dust.

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It'll Come With a Bigger Display

According to reports, Apple's iPad Mini will ship with a 7.85-inch screen. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire have 7-inch displays. Although that might not seem like a big difference, Apple will promote its product as the better value, thanks to its display. Google and Amazon will have to find a way to respond.

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Expect the Retina

There appears to be a very good chance that the Retina display will make its way to the iPad Mini. The display, which had only been available on iPhones, is now offered on tablets and the MacBook Pro. To deliver the iPad Mini without the Retina display would be a mistake, and Apple knows it.

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iOS Is a Major Draw

Apple's iOS is the unsung hero in the company's mobile market success. The operating system delivers the experience that customers want. Apple's mobile operating system has proven itself to be more popular on tablets than the operating systems running on Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. That alone could be a major problem for Google and Amazon.

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Apple Isn't Governed by Price

Success in the low-end-tablet market relies upon pricing. That's why the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 both launched at $199. If they were more expensive, who knows if they would have been successful? But Apple is different. The iPad maker doesn't need help from pricing. And even if the iPad Mini's price is slightly higher, it's unlikely to affect its success.

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Siri Could Be Appealing

Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri is finally making its way to the iPad with the launch of iOS 6. As a result, there's a good chance that it'll also be made available in the iPad Mini. If so, it'll be a differentiating factor that will significantly affect Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 sales.

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It Scratches the Enterprise Itch

The corporate world is warming to the idea of bringing in cheaper, smaller tablets. IT decision makers reason that they can save cash and equip more users with the smaller tablet models. Considering Apple has been appealing to enterprise users with its larger iPad, there's no reason to suggest the iPad Mini won't hold up.

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The Timing Is Spot-On

According to most reports, the iPad Mini will launch in time for the busy holiday shopping season. That's bad news for Google and Amazon. Both companies need the shopping season to help boost sales. With Apple launching its device before the holidays, you can bet the iPad Mini will get the most attention and likely the most sales.

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Apple's Love of Integration

Apple has found a way to keep customers happy through its software. Services like iTunes, the App Store, and now cloud are keeping customers loyal. Rather than go with another platform, customers simply want to stay where they are.

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It'll Take Too Long to Respond

With the Nexus 7 relatively new to the tablet market and the Kindle Fire from the last Christmas season looking rather long in the tooth by comparison, it will take time for Amazon and Google to respond to the latest Apple Challenge. When the iPad Mini launches, both Amazon and Google will need to deliver something that'll quickly make their products more competitive. If they can't do that, they're going to get left behind in the sales tallies.