Apple Poised to Introduce its Most Expensive iPhone Model

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple will introduce three new iPhones on Sept. 12, one of which will be a significantly advance from previous versions of the iPhone and will cost significantly more.

iPhone 8 Launch

Is the world ready for a $1,000 iPhone? That’s the likely starting price for Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iPhone X, which will be unveiled on Sept. 12, but likely won't be available until weeks later. The iPhone X will be accompanied by two other iPhones, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the usual phones that Apple introduces in annual incremental updates and supersede the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that will nonetheless remain on sale for many months to come.

The iPhone X is the much-anticipated new design that will feature a borderless OLED screen and that may do away with fingerprint recognition. This is the phone that we previously thought would be called the iPhone 8.

However, the new name and some of the new capabilities were leaked in code said to be the Gold Master of iOS 11, which was examined by two Apple-specific publications, 9 to 5 Mac and MacRumors. The source of the leak reportedly was an Apple employee with access who provided the publications with specific URLs to the code.

The iPhone X name is apparently a reminder that this is the tenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone. It’s not clear why Apple broke from its established model naming protocol so the news models will be the iPhone 8 rather than a 7S.

The borderless 5.8-inch OLED screen will be the most obvious feature of the new iPhone X. It will be larger than the screen on the iPhone Plus models which measure 5.5 inches. But the chassis will be smaller than the Plus models. The use of an OLED screen and the larger size should improve readability, especially under difficult viewing conditions. It’s also supposed to have more accurate color.

However the larger screen will not have a spot for a home button with its integrated fingerprint reader. In addition, the iPhone X will have new facial recognition software that’s supposed to allow the phone to identify its owner in a manner similar to the finger print reader.

The facial recognition software in the iPhone X includes a setup animation video (also leaked with iOS 11) that indicates the use of a 3D image. This would be a significant improvement over current facial recognition software which can sometimes be fooled by using a photo of the phone’s owner. There’s no word on whether the camera used for facial recognition or the software can distinguish identical twins.

Most of the other functions of the home button have been moved to the lock button on the side of the phone. One security feature that’s being added to the home button is a method of disabling biometric recognition, meaning that the user can turn off fingerprint or facial recognition with five quick presses of the home button.

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