Apple's Brand Value

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Apple's Brand Value

One of the biggest issues for Samsung is Apples brand reputation. As soon as Apple releases a product, people want it, no matter how small of an update it might be over a preceding device. Samsung, on the other hand, needs to rely upon major updates to get the attention of customers. Until the company can change that and become more Apple-like, itll always trail the iPhone maker.

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The iPhone Juggernaut

Samsung sells a host of outstanding smartphones, including the Galaxy S II. The only issue is that those devices are competing against the iPhone. And that device, no matter how big of an update it gets, sells extremely well. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Apple stores operating across the world right now. The iPhone 4S was supposed to be a boring upgrade that few cared about. But already, the device is setting sales records that Samsung can only wish to match.

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The iPad Stays a Step Ahead

Apples iPad is a real problem for Samsung. Although the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 are fine devices in their own right, they arent iPads. And both consumers and enterprise users are abundantly aware of that. Even worse, Apple continues to update its iPad to ensure it stays a step ahead of the competition in that market. Its an issue for Samsung that wont be so easily solved.

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Android Is Holding It Back

Android is a fine operating system with a lot of potential. But when it comes to competing against Apple, Samsung has found that the mobile operating system is actually holding it back. After all, Android is not iOS, and consumers know that. Whats worse, enterprise users dont even like the idea of deploying Android in the corporate world. Although Android is helping some vendors, it might be proving to be a liability for Samsung-especially in the enterprise.

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Bada Won't Help

Samsung is trying to address issues with Android by offering its own operating system, called Bada. However, that platform is not very well-known outside of certain techie circles, and its highly unlikely that the mainstream consumer or IT manager will respond well to it. At this point, Bada doesnt look like Samsungs ticket to success against Apple.

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Lawsuits

In several countries around the world, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is under fire. The device has been temporarily banned from sale in Australia, and German customers hoping to get their hands on the device arent able to because courts have argued that it violates patents Apple holds. Samsung is fighting a similar patent battle in the U.S. over its tablet designs. The longer Samsung continues to lose patent battles, the worse it will be.

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Smartphone Lawsuits

Unfortunately for Samsung, the company isnt only facing legal adversity with its tablets. In fact, the companys smartphones, including the Galaxy S, Galaxy S 2 and Ace, are coming under fire around the world for claims by Apple that they violate its patents. And in the Netherlands, the court agrees. Although tablet issues are bad enough for Samsung, smartphones are the backbone of its mobile business. And if patent troubles continue there, things could get worse.

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A PR Problem?

In the U.S., Samsung hasnt been forced to deal with much of a public relations problem, since the companys patent troubles have gone largely unnoticed. But in other countries where news of its alleged patent infringements are everywhere, the company could very well have to deal with sales resistance from smartphone buyers who might believe that the firm is trying to copy Apple. Of course, Samsung claims that it isnt. But when it loses court battles, retaining the confidence of consumers just gets harder.

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Future Launches Are In Doubt

All this talk of patents leaves out one key element that could have a profound impact on Samsungs future battles against Apple in the mobile space: The losses in court could drastically affect Samsungs product plans. After all, the company can no longer sell products that have allegedly infringing features. Plus, if future products were also going to come with those features, it needs to throw those out. Apple, meanwhile, doesnt have that worry.

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There Are Other Competitors

The good thing for Apple is that it doesnt need to worry about any other companies offering its mobile operating system. Samsung, on the other hand, not only has to worry about Apple, but it also has to battle against competitors that are offering the same operating system as its products. Apples products have a unique operating system and design package. But Samsungs devices are not. If Samsung wants to overtake Apple in the mobile space, it must overcome this challenge along with all the others.

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