Apple's iPhone 4 Antenna Glitch: 10 Reasons for Consumers to Push Back

News Analysis: Apple has committed several blunders in the way it has handled the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems. And now it's time for customers to think twice about letting the hardware company get away with it.

Since June 15 when Apple first offered the iPhone 4 for preorder, the company has made several wrong moves. It started when Apple decided to allow AT&T to control the iPhone's preordering process.

By doing so, it left a key component in the purchase of the iPhone in the hands of a company that did an extremely poor job of handling orders. From there, the trouble continued. When news broke that the iPhone 4 featured antenna problems, Apple said that consumers should simply hold the device in a different way to cut down on reception problems. It simply failed to make things right from the get-go.
That's extremely unfortunate. As one of the most beloved companies in the tech industry, Apple has a responsibility to address issues the right way. It might not be fair, considering so many other companies sweep issues under the rug, but that's the problem with being the world's most valuable tech company.

When the smaller, less important companies ignore problems, no one cares. But when Apple does it, the company is expected to respond with the right solution. But so far, it hasn't. And consumers are left to wonder why Apple, the company they have had so much respect for, is leaving them out in the cold.

Of course, wondering about that won't do any good. The time has come for consumers to finally stand up to Apple and hold it accountable. Here's why:

1. It'll never change

Apple has shown time and again that until it feels pressure for the issues its product has, the company will do nothing to address them. As unfortunate as that is, it's reality. And until consumers start forcing the company to be accountable for its products' problems, it won't change its tune. Luckily, making Apple accountable isn't all that difficult. Consumers need to voice their opinions in as many forums as possible. They should also consider alternative products if they feel Apple isn't listening to them. The best way to make Apple listen is to vote with wallets.

2. The ego is annoying

By taking Apple's poor treatment all these years, consumers have effectively allowed the company to have an ego. Unlike just about every other firm that fully understands what it takes to appeal to customers, Apple has the luxury of not really caring. And that general lack of care comes through in the decisions it continues to make. By calling Apple out on those problems, consumers change that. Apple's ego has allowed the company to believe that no matter what it does, consumers will keep coming back. That will only change if they're shown that the past won't necessarily predict the future.

3. Where's the care?

Perhaps the main reason why consumers should stop taking Apple's treatment is because the company just doesn't seem to care. When faced with complaints over antenna problems, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said consumers should simply stop holding the smartphone as they normally have. The company said in an official statement that consumers should release the death grip or find a case. By showing such a lack of care on Apple's part, consumers are being backed into a corner. If they finally stop taking Apple's poor treatment, the company will have no choice but to start caring.

4. Microsoft doesn't get a pass

In the tech business, Apple gets a free pass for many of the mistakes it makes. But Microsoft is one firm that gets beaten up over the slightest infractions. Even when the company has done nothing wrong, critics come out to pan its actions. It's rather unfortunate. And it's about time Apple is held to the same standard as Microsoft. Yes, Steve Jobs is a flashier CEO and Apple delivers better products than Microsoft, but that doesn't mean that it can't be wrong. If Microsoft gets pummeled when problems arise, shouldn't Apple get the same treatment?

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...