Apple's iPhone 4S

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Apple's iPhone 4S

This is an easy choice, isn't it? Apple's iPhone 4S combines style, high-quality components and an outstanding mobile operating system to deliver the best smartphone on the market today. Other devices might have larger screens or faster processors, but none of them can deliver the full smartphone package, like the iPhone 4S.

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HP Envy 15

The HP Envy 15 is one of the finest laptops on the market today. It offers a nice styling that should make today's image-conscious customers happy, but adds a 15-inch display and a host of customization options to add real value. Think of it as the cheaper version of Apple's MacBook Pro.

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Apple's New iPad

When trying to find the best tablet on store shelves today, it's hard to look anywhere but at the new iPad from Apple. The device has a nicely sized 9.7-inch Retina display and includes quad-core graphics power. With its starting price of $499, 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) support in higher-end models and iOS integration, it's hard to find a more complete package.

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Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle might not have been the first e-reader to hit the market, but it undoubtedly took the top spot before long—and for good reason. Depending on the version the customer picks, they can find a device with a nice big display, and the reading quality is great both inside and outside. When it comes to e-readers, it's hard to find fault with Amazon's Kindle.

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Maingear F131

Looking for a serious desktop that comes with all the latest and greatest components, Windows 7, and a style that might only be matched by Apple? Look no further than the Maingear F131. The desktop from the boutique vendor has everything from vertical exhaust cooling to the finest graphics cards to make the experience of using it top-notch in the PC market.

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Apple MacBook Air

Although several Ultrabooks are launching each month with the stated goal of taking down the ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight MacBook Air, none of them have so far been able to achieve that goal. Quite the contrary, the MacBook Air offers the very best mobile, lightweight computing experience in the space, and still shows why Apple truly understands the needs of today's laptop customers.

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Microsoft Windows 7

Although Microsoft is often criticized for security issues and its monolithic stance on computing has become an issue for the software giant, Windows 7 is an outstanding operating system. The software combined the best qualities of the old, reliable XP with some of the forward-thinking ideas of Windows 8. And along the way, it has improved the security of the Windows ecosystem. Say what you want about Microsoft, but Windows 7 is a top-notch operating system.

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Nikon D7000

Although today's digital cameras are most often linked to consumers, high-end products, like digital-SLRs (single-lens reflex cameras), can be useful for both consumers and professionals. On that basis, it's important to point out that the Nikon D7000 is one of the best cameras on sale today. The device combines affordability with superior image quality to create a best-in-breed option for any customer.

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Apple iPod Touch

When Apple first launched the iPod, the company proved that people really would like the idea of carrying around hundreds and thousands of songs in their pocket. Now, though, the iPod Touch has taken that to the next level by offering just about everything folks can find in Apple's iPhone. Try to find any other personal media player that can match Apple's iPod Touch.

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Microsoft's Xbox 360

When Microsoft first got into the gaming market, not everyone was sure that it could succeed. But now several years later and two products into that effort, it's clear the doubters were wrong. The Xbox 360 is the top-selling console, and it's helping Microsoft stay relevant with consumers, especially the youth market, and extend its presence into the living room. The Xbox 360 has been a marvel for Microsoft—and don't forget that.

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