Apple's iPhone 5 Event Agenda: 10 Things We'll Learn on Oct. 4

News Analysis: Apple will reportedly hold a press event to unveil the iPhone 5 on Oct. 4. But there are a lot of other things that company could talk about at that event.

The latest rumors coming out of Cupertino, Calif., suggest Apple will be holding an iPhone 5 event on Oct. 4. Although details on the expected event are somewhat slim right now, the company will likely unveil its next-generation smartphone and show off why it believes the device will be the smartest mobile phone purchase that consumers and even enterprise users can make this year.

For its part, Apple hasn't confirmed that it will, in fact, offer up the iPhone 5 this year, let alone hold an event in October to discuss it. But considering all the rumors about the iPhone 5 percolating in the market, it seems far more likely than ever that the product will debut next month. After all, the iPhone 4 is getting a bit old, and Apple wants to provide consumers with a device they'll want to buy this holiday season. Why not offer up the iPhone 5?

But amid all the talk of the iPhone 5, a few are even speculating on what else Apple might talk about at that event.Read on to find out what Apple could discuss if it does in fact hold special event on Oct. 4 to discuss the iPhone 5.

1. Tim Cook's vision

Apple's new CEO Tim Cook will be making an appearance at the iPhone 5 event, and he'll likely discuss what his vision will be for the company's future. Everyone knows what Steve Jobs stood for. But so far, Cook hasn't distinguished himself in any meaningful way. Expect the rumored Oct. 4 event to be the place where he does that.

2. Steve Jobs' role

Apple product owners as well as shareholders want to know what Steve Jobs' role is with Apple. Sure, he's the chairman of the company's board, but what does that really mean? And what kind of influence does he have? At the rumored Oct. 4 event, expect Apple to talk about Jobs, his legacy and what he will do for the company in his new capacity. It's vastly important to the company's future with shareholders to do so.

3. Apple's success

Like every other event that Apple has held over the years, expect the company to tout its success. Cook will likely talk about all the iPhones his company has sold, how many apps have been downloaded andhow people have responded to Apple's smartphone around the world. Apple likes to talk about its success, and the rumored October press event will be no different.

4. iCloud

When Apple unveiled iCloud at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, many had hoped that it would offer up the service that day. But it has still yet to do so. So far, iCloud is only available to developers. But expect that to change at the rumored Oct. 4 event. Apple has said that iCloud will be made available this fall, and it would make perfect sense for the company to launch it next month.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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