Apple's MacBook Pros Are Must-Buys: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Apple has a new line of MacBook Pros, and with their top-of-the-line components, a superior operating system and strong security they are worthwhile buys for anyone, even at prices that are higher than comparable Windows PCs.

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro line with new processors, storage and graphical capabilities as the company prepares for the holiday shopping season. Although the improvements weren't major and the design of this computer line is basically the same, it's enough to make both consumers and enterprise users at least take pause and consider whether or not it's time to buy one of Apple's notebooks or upgrade to the latest model.

Admittedly,making that decision nowadays is harder than ever. No matter where you turn, you'll find something worthwhile from PC vendors, and in some cases those devices are much cheaper than Apple's MacBook Pro line. But when you consider the value Apple notebooks offer and that they are more affordable than you may realize, you might decide that the latest MacBook Pros are must-buys.

Apple's MacBook Pros were always appealing. But this latest update brings them into a state where competing products just don't present compelling alternatives. Here's why.

1. Quad-core processors

There was a time when dual-core processors were all the rage in the notebook market. And although those chips still find their way into the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple's 2.2GHz to 2.4GHz quad-core processors in the 15- and 17-inch models of the notebook are a welcome addition. With the help of those Intel Core i7 processors, customers will get a level of power that trumps most other notebooks and even some desktops. Granted, Apple offered quad-core options before, but now, the MacBook Pro line delivers speeds that are up to twice as fast as the previous version of those computers. Not bad.

2. Choose a display size, any size

One of the nicest things about the MacBook Pro line is that customers of all types can find one that appeals to them. Those who want to be more mobile might choose the 13-inch MacBook Pro, while the folks who tend to sit in one spot all day and need some power will go with the 17-inch option to maximize their screen real estate. The 15-inch option is the best solution for those who want the best bang for their buck. Simply put, there's something for everyone in Apple's MacBook Pro line.

3. Thunderbolt is the future

Apple has officially bet its future on Thunderbolt, an input/output technology that allows users to connect everything from peripherals to displays. It's a smart move. Thunderbolt is simply better than USB and FireWire, and as long as the rest of the market adopts it, the technology could very well replace its predecessors. Thunderbolt has quickly become a key selling point for Apple's entire line of computers, including the MacBook Pro.

4. The battery life is stellar

As with any notebook, the battery life of the MacBook Pro line is vastly important to the devices' consumer appeal. And on that front, the MacBook Pros perform exceedingly well. In fact, Apple's newly updated MacBook Pros deliver up to 7 hours on a single charge and allow for up to 1,000 "full charge and discharge cycles," which Apple claims is three times greater than the average lifespan of a standard notebook battery. The company says that based on that, the MacBook Pro's battery should last five years without any trouble.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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