Apple's New iPad: 10 Reasons Why Android Tablets Should Fear It

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's new iPad has finally been unveiled. And all those Android tablets hoping to compete against it should be afraid. Very, very afraid.

Apple has finally unveiled the new iPad, a device that Apple says is the most revolutionary improvement to the computing space since it launched its first tablet a couple years ago. The device comes with 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) support, a "Retina Display," voice control, and a host of other features. It€™s not necessarily the groundbreaking improvement consumers and enterprise users were hoping for, but it€™s a notable step up, nonetheless.

For Android vendors, the new iPad is a major concern. Although the iPad 2 was beating their devices handily, the iPad 3 combines the finer parts of its predecessor and adds in a host of other things both consumers and enterprise users will find appealing. If the iPad 2€”which is still available, by the way€”can beat products like the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, what makes anyone think the next iPad can€™t?

The new iPad shows that Apple is still the top tablet maker, and Android tablets have a new competitor to worry about.

1. It€™s the iPad, isn€™t it?

Apple€™s iPad, regardless of the version or functionality, should be enough to strike fear in the hearts of Android vendors. Apple€™s tablet is the most sought-after device on the market, and something that is a force to be reckoned with, no matter what it might offer. Until Android vendors can find a way to overcome Apple and its iPad, there€™s no stopping it.

2. The Retina Display matters

Apple€™s new iPad comes with the Retina Display that has become popular in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. According to Apple, the Retina Display will deliver even higher quality than anything on the market so far, and will likely put all Android alternatives to shame. Don€™t forget that.

3. So does 4G LTE

For the first time, Apple has bundled 4G LTE connectivity into one of its mobile devices. According to Apple, the new iPad will feature support for both AT&T€™s LTE network, as well as that of Verizon Wireless. It€™s not groundbreaking, of course, but it eliminates one major advantage competitors had been clinging to for the last year.

4. Pricing is essential

One of the smartest things Apple could have done with the new iPad was keep its price the same as its predecessor, the iPad 2. Customers looking to buy the new tablet will be forced to pay $499 and up. It€™s no bargain€”especially when compared to the Kindle Fire€”but any price hike would have been harmful to the device€™s appeal.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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