Apple's New iPad: 10 Things You Should Do After Breaking It Out of the Box

ANALYSIS: Apple's new iPad is launching in the United States March 16. And for those who were lucky enough to preorder it, here are some tips for what customers should do with it after breaking it out of the box.

Apple's new iPad is launching March 16. But according to the latest reports, Apple€™s tablet has already sold out of its preorders, and those hoping to get their hands on the device on launch day will have little to no chance of it. Demand is so high for Apple€™s new iPad that the company doesn€™t anticipate having a new supply available to customers for two to three weeks after its launch.

But for all those who will be lucky enough to get their hands on the new iPad at launch day, it might be a good time to provide a refresher on what they should do to ensure the device is ready to go as soon as it€™s home. From the simple, like applying the Smart Cover, to the more complex, like setting up iTunes, there are a host of things that new iPad buyers must know before they break the device out of the box.

1. Get the Smart Cover on it

The new iPad€™s Smart Cover is not just any old thing to protect its screen. The cover, which latches to the side of the device, can act as a stand, turns the device on when taken off and powers it off when placed on it. This might be the simplest piece of advice in this roundup, but be sure to place the Smart Cover on the new iPad. Protection and added functionality are worth having.

2. Set up your email

One of the first things to do after powering on the new iPad is set up email accounts. Since the new iPad is designed to be a replacement for the PC, getting all your email accounts onto the device is an important step. Thankfully, Apple€™s tablet supports all kinds of email accounts, including those from Gmail, Microsoft and others. You can even get your Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) accounts onto it.

3. Set an access password

One of the last things new iPad owners think about when booting up their tablet is password-protecting the device. Without a password, anyone can pick up the tablet, open the Smart Cover and see just about anything they want. Although a system-wide password isn€™t the only security issue to take into account, it€™s arguably the biggest one.

4. Consider turning off location settings

Yes, today€™s tablets and smartphones come with location features that help you get more from location-based apps, but consider the privacy ramifications of that. Do you really want everyone to know where you are at every moment? And if you snap a picture with the new iPad and share it on Twitter, do you want your current location to be shared? At least consider turning off location settings in the new iPad to preserve your privacy.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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