Apple's Oct. 4 Media Briefing: 10 Things You Won't Hear About

News Analysis: Apple will be holding a special iPhone media briefing on Oct. 4. While Apple isn't saying exactly what it will talk about, there are a number of things we can be fairly sure it won't talk about.

After a long wait, Apple has finally announced that it will beholding a special iPhone-related media briefing at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters on Oct. 4. The company hasn't announced what it plans to discuss at the event and has not even given any indication if it will show off the long-rumored iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S or both. At this point, the only thing folks know now that they didn't know a week ago is where the event will be held.

Even so, speculation abounds over what Apple will announce at the event. Will it show off two new iPhones? Will it unveil the new iPad along with it? Will Tim Cook discuss his strategic vision for Apple or talk about Steve Jobs? At this point, it's anyone's guess what Apple might discuss.

However, as the big day inches closer, it's becoming a bit easier to predict what Apple won't talk about at the event. As history has shown, Apple events are marked as much by those things the company announces as the things that it doesn't talk about. Right now it might be the things that it won't talk about that are more predictable.

Read on to find out what Apple will not discuss at its Oct. 4 iPhone event.

1. iPad 3

Earlier this year,there was some speculation that Apple would unveil the iPad 3 this fall. However, the latest reports fromanalysts suggest that won't happen, and for good reason. The iPad has historically been announced earlier on in the year. Considering Apple will likely launch the new iPhone (or iPhones) in the coming weeks, the company won't want to cannibalize its sales. So don't expect the iPad 3 to make an appearance at next week's event.

2. Steve Jobs' health

When Steve Jobs announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple to take over as chairman of the company's board of directors, it was an end of an era at the world's biggest technology firm. Apple fans and the many others who follow the company were understandably concerned about Jobs' health following that announcement. However, don't expect Apple to talk about their co-founder's health status at the iPhone event. As Apple has proved in the past, it believes Jobs' health is a private matter, and it will stay that way next week.

3. Tim Cook's plans for the future

As the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has yet to fully detail what his ideas are. For now, it appearsCook is content to simply follow Jobs' strategy and continue to make Apple an innovator in the marketplace. What's more, Cook apparently wants to maintain Apple's renowned secrecy. So, at the iPhone 5 event next week, don't expect Cook to divulge his plans for the future.

4. New iPods

Over the years, Apple has unveiled new iPods in September. But as the month comes to a close, it's becoming apparent that that won't happen, prompting some to wonder if the company will talk about iPods at its iPhone event. It won't. iPods simply aren't as important to Apple any longer, and it seems that the company will show off new versions of those devices whenever it gets around to it-not sooner.

5. The long-rumored music-streaming service

Even since Apple acquired Lala in 2009, there has been rampant speculation that the company will be launching a music-streaming service. The whispers grew louder earlier this year when Apple unveiled iCloud. But so far, Apple has not committed to music streaming, and it's quite likely the company is having trouble inking deals with record labels to make such a service work. So, at the Oct. 4 event, those hoping to hear about a music-streaming service will once again be disappointed.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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